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  1. @@Pablou lets try this again! lol @@Pablou when i click on the picture it pops up larger. Let me know if that works.
  2. Congrats! you looked beautiful!!! i got married at Secrets WIld Orchid/ Seawind Beach club Dec 2013! Loved everything there!
  3. Here is my ceremony (Winnie Couture strapless with mermaid bottom) and reception dress (strapped Katie May Collection with open back) . Yes i pretty much had 2 wedding dresses lol i fell in love with both and couldn't decide so i wore one for the ceremony and one for the reception. I got married December 2013 in Jamaica. This site def helped me create my dream wedding!
  4. You won't be disappointed! shes amazing! she did my wedding Dec 2013 and she made my girls and i look flawless!!!
  5. His price is higher than some of the others mentioned in this thread, however, you get what you pay for! My photos are AMAZING and captured everything in the best way possible. the colors, the poses, the overall presentation of my pictures was the best money we spent. Dwayne and his assistant were def a blessing! I've read some reviews of people going with cheaper photographers and not being happy with their choice. That's def a day you will never get back, but your photos will last a lifetime! ALso, they are super professional and had fun shooting our guests! He's very create as well!
  6. Thank you so much! Jans Flowers did my floral and decor, she recommended a lady to do the cake but i went thru Jans. for purchasing it. Congrats to you as well! have a blast planning! and most importantly enjoy the wedding day. it goes by super fast!!!! lol
  7. I did the vendor fee but see which is cheaper. FYI she is AMAZING as well. she did airbrush and my girls and myself and the makeup was flawless! many partied after the weddign and majority of us slept with their makeup on accidently and woke up FLAWless lol not that you would want to sleep with makeup on lol Also, Jans Flowers did a gorgeous job on the flowers. I brought alot of decorations myself and Jan herself was there setting up everything. I gave her photos of the look i was going for and it turned out great. The price was cheaper than Tai floral. I would not recommend her being the wed
  8. Thank you. I can't remember the lady at the spa but i just went there and told them i needed someone to style my hair (with body and curls at the ends) and they gave me whoever was available. As for makeup, i used Rashel Edwards. she does airbrushing and is super friendly and professional. But more importantly she is AMAZING when it comes to makeup! We stayed at Secrets Wild Orchid but had our wedding and ceremony next door at Seawind Beach CLub, that's why you saw my reception tables surrounding the pool. We rented out the entire club so we could have our private wedding/ceremony. Also, DJ
  9. Hi. I posted the link for my pictures . http://dwaynewatkins.com/blog/muneera-norman-married/ I've been meaning to do a review on my entire wedding but haven't had the chance to yet lol
  10. I got my hair done at secrets salon. I have natural hair. I can't remember her name but my hair turned out great. She flat ironed and curled my hair. I posted link for pics of my wedding on one of these forums, check my postings.
  11. aw thank you! he was pricey but honestly the best money we spent. The actual wedding day passed soooooooo fast! i didn't even remember some of the things the pics captured! lol wish you the best!
  12. @@ylan9383 i had 100 guests and we made about 80 adults and 20 kids. it was def alot of work but i worked on it throughout the year. I also brought decorations down so i had several suitcases with just wedding related stuff (and had some family members bring a suitcase down with them). worked out pretty cheap actually. And use your bridesmaids/friends to make stuff, that's what they are they for ;-) I used dollar tree aloe hand sanitizer, it was 3 pack for $1. guests def used them. i changed the labels as well. i'll put up a review this week, got married a month ago in jamaica and have
  13. @@cocoluv Thank you. Loni Jones was my second option, here contact info is on here, just type her name into search and a thread should pull up. You can also ask Rashel if her assistant is available. Shes great as well.
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