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  1. oops....major spelling mistakes in that!
  2. Sax Lady - so how was you wedding?!?!? Congrats! Would you recommend it? Although in my case if too late too bad for me haha. We are expecting a fairly small crew but we are now at 19 and counting!
  3. I ordered it from Jay's Bridal (was cheapest by far) Â http://www.jaysbridal.net/store/home.php
  4. here is my dress I was going to long at first but I think this will be more comfortable and I won't want to just rip it off! I'm pairing it with a small birdcage veil.
  5. http://www.breezes.com/resorts/breezes-trelawny/weddings/ That link has their packages. I had just messaged a woman from trip advisor who just got back from her wedding...she said she did the free package and then just paid a little extra for chair covers and little things she wanted, instead of a pre-set package. She highly recommended the free the package.
  6. User name : Court39 Name : Courtney & Ken Wedding: Feb 9th 2011 4pm Location : Beach or Gazebo Hotel : Breezes Trelawny
  7. I was so torn on a few place but I realized I was running out of time so I just decided to go ahead and book it. Good point on keeping distance from random people and thank you for the tip on the photographer. I just reserved my date last week, the date I had wanted was already taken so there must be a few weddings there.
  8. I have just booked my wedding for the breezes trelawny Feb 9th,2011. So excited! would love to see your picks of location I am undecided if we will be in the gazibo or beach. Congrats and I hope its a wonderful day!
  9. Just wondering what you choose? I am looking at Melia for Feb 2011, any advise would be greatly appreciated
  10. 1. Courtney 2. Feb 2011 - leaving Feb 5th 3. TBA - looking for suggestions - reasonably prices. Hopeing for something a little less common like Cozumel Mexico or Samana D.R.
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