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    Flowers, Photographer Riu OR

    bumping for the new brides at ror in 2011. Â I emailed Tai Flora about 2 months ago, and they promised to send me some options and never heard back. Waiting to hear from the WC , ( must likely in FEb ) and see if i can use an outside florist, i contacted Jans bridal and they were really great,, maybe $1000 dollars cheaper than Tai from what i have collected from other brides ( info ). So thats it for now,, see you in ror ladies !
  2. Thanks for posting the pic , its really helpfull, im also interested in knowing how large the space is,, i am planning on having the private reception here and do our speeches, first dance, cake cutting, etc,,,
  3. We will be getting married the same day ! What time is your ceremony at ?? Â
  4. Congratulations ! Â we will be in jamaica at the same time,, exciting ! Â
  5. The pics are absolutely beautifull, looks like you guys had tons of fun. Did you bring your own photographer ? Did you hire someone at Ror ? Im thinking of having some pro pics taken too !
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    Oh ,, these are really cute,, where did you find them ? Â
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    This is exactly my plan,i have found the starfish wine stoppers at party packagers and they are lovely. We are doing a beach theme so it goes along well , i will be skeeping the oot bags since i do not know for sure how many people will attend until almost last minute, i have family in Japan and South africa,,,
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    What is happening at the ROR?

    Just bumping to see if any of you has had a response yet from Antonette ... I want to reserve my private reception asap and shes has not answered my email from 2 months ago ! I do not know what to do : (
  9. karlyeny

    Travel Agent??

    If you are to get one,, make sure its the right one , like others said. I know i chose one that knows NOTHING, and had many many issues so far , luckily i have contacted his manager and they are willing to transfer my file to another agent.
  10. We have 21 coming for sure including us , im sure numbers will start growing soon. For me the smaller the better, that way , i get to have the private reception i want . Â
  11. I am getting married April 5/2011 at 5pm at the beach gazebo at ROR. Location and ceremony have been confirmed , but i have still to hear back from the new Wedding Coordinator to arrange other details, apparently this only happens a couple of months before the wedding. For sure use the search engine on this forum, its great, i found loooots of info here , in fact everything i know its because im now addicted to this website, lol. How exciting,, you will be there a month before me, make sure to write your review and let us know how everything went, im sure it will be lovely !  Cheers  Yeny Â
  12. Oh my god, your dress its absolutely gorgeous, you look stunning! As per the reception, i am on the same boat, still undecided where to have it, i have read a lot of reviews of different reception types , you can have it semi private its usually held at Mammee Bay restaurant , and then have a private reception just for dancing and drinking or you can pay $55p/p for a totally private reception, by the beach, by the pool or at one of the restaurants , this includes, food and open bar. Do a search on reception at ror and you ll get tons of ideas, theres also pics of ladies that have already done them, im leaning towards the private poolside,, have fun planning !
  13. Hello Jocelyn: Â Welcome and congrats ! Beware, this forum is highly addictive ! Lol, congratulation btw
  14. karlyeny

    how much did you pay for..

    I will get married here in canada, only having a symbolic ceremony down in Jamaica, less trouble and less money ,, sorry i am not a lot of help on this one , good luck !
  15. I am in the same boat with the RSVP thing,, i have sent out the stds with my TA information, so far , even if they have not responded to my invitation i know , counting my fiancee and i are 24. I decided not to stress anymore, the less people that come, the more i can spend on my actual wedding day , i could even have the private poolside reception !