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Hola, newbie here!


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Hey everyone,


I'm in the throes of planning our wedding here in Sevilla, Spain (where we live, I'm American, he's Spanish) next April 2008. It's not your typical DW but I have lots of OOT guests to deal with and lots of the same struggles of a traditional DW....


I'm surprised that this board doesn't cover Europe at all? I find that strange as there are certainly lots of brides marrying in Europe...


Look forward to chatting with you all, I love being a bride-to-be and everything about weddings in general!

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I love Seville!!! So beautiful.


The reason that we don't have as many Europe brides is because this forum started as a cabo wedding site only and expanded from there. Fotini is getting married in Greece. We love to have new Europe brides!!!!

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I'm so jealous!!! I love Sevilla. I lived there for a year while I was studying abroad. I cried all the way home when I had no choice, but to come back after the summer for my senior year. I thought for sure I'd be back after graduation, living there permanantly. I had my Spanish boyfriend, that I thought I'd marry, my job picked out, and everything. I even had the airplane tickets back. Then in May, a couple of weeks before graduation, I met my FI...and my life did a complete 180. Now, I'm back in my hometown teaching second grade to Spanish-speaking students, and in a lot of ways Sevilla is a distant memory. I love my FI, more than anything in the world, and wouldn't change a thing...but part of me can't help to wonder what life might have been :) I fell in love with that city...how I'd loved to go back and walk through my old neighborhood (Triana), y la judería, y las plazas y los parque...y por supuesto, la calle Serpientes.....y Zara (cuánto echo de menos esa tienda). And what a great time of year it is there right now...la Semana Santa and la Fería must be just around the corner. I still have my flamenco dress and can remember los sevillanos (although some of the pasos are beginning to fade away). The lace of my wedding dress reminded my of Spain, and I instantly knew it was the one. Sorry, I'm rambling, but reading your post has brought back a flood of memories. I can't wait to hear more about the wedding!

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