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  1. I understand there might be a couple others on the board...but I'm not sure where to post. Is there a general forum? Thanks!
  2. Wow what a beautiful story! I can certainly relate to long distance love and the "hard crying" with the goodbyes. I wish you and Sol many happy tomorrows! ENHORABUENA!!!!
  3. sarita

    Hola, newbie here!

    Susan that's crazy! We live off of San Vicente de Paúl. :0 I'd be more than happy to help get the Europe stuff up and running!
  4. sarita

    Hola, newbie here!

    Wow! Thanks for the nice welcome and nice to see some familiar faces over here. Susan, your post blew me away! I know so many girls like you...who have fallen in love with Sevilla but left it anyway...don't worry it will always be in your heart! FI and I live in Triana, what street did you live on? Small world!!
  5. sarita

    Hola, newbie here!

    Hey everyone, I'm in the throes of planning our wedding here in Sevilla, Spain (where we live, I'm American, he's Spanish) next April 2008. It's not your typical DW but I have lots of OOT guests to deal with and lots of the same struggles of a traditional DW.... I'm surprised that this board doesn't cover Europe at all? I find that strange as there are certainly lots of brides marrying in Europe... Look forward to chatting with you all, I love being a bride-to-be and everything about weddings in general!