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Non-traditional... yay or nay?

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Since there are only going to be a dozen of us at the wedding and its on the beach, and my fiance isn't crazy about traditional wedding music this is what I am thinking... I did a CD to give out as a favor with all of "our songs" on it. I am thinking of using the appropriate songs for the ceremony. So while they are waiting play Norah Jones, and then when my fiance does his walk, it will play Where Are You Going by Dave Matthews Band, and then I will come out to We Belong Together (my fiance starting boo hooing when he suggested I come out to this and we listened to the lyrics to see if it was appropriate) Then as an inside joke, for the processional we want a Techno/House Dance song that is one of our songs to play, because we are really into that kind of music and everyone picks on us about it.

I think this is so much more us, but I don't want to take away from the event either. What do you guys think?

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I thikn your wedding should really reflect who you are. My FI and I are into punk, rock and metal type music ,and although our ceremony will have a steel drum and (and our reception as well), our wedding picture slide show is gonna be a cool punk rock style love song!


I think, your song selection sounds cute!

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