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Up, up and away

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My fiance and I had been together for about 4 years and had had many beautiful vacations but always enjoyed our time in the Asheville Mountains the most. So when we planned one of our monthly rendezvous to go in December I didn't think anything about it.

We stayed in a new cabin for the first time and it was by far the most beautiful one I had ever seen. We had an incredible weekend and he had planned a trip in a hot air balloon toward the end of our stay.

We were so excited because we had never done that before and as the day came he was very nervous, more so than he normally is when doing something new. I reassured him that it would be ok, and we arrived at the site.

Let me just say that setting up the balloon is just as beautiful as going up in it. They told us to go inside when it was about 25% full (I am posting pics below) and you are surrounded by the most beautiful colors you could imagine.

We finally took off and were litterally up in the clouds skimming the tops of the trees as we glided over the most beautiful and romantic city of Asheville. We had so many great memories there, it was neat to see it from a totally different perspective.

As we drifted along, Tim was holding me in his arms (it was very cold) and whispering romantic things in my ear (again things that are not uncommon for him) and at one point, he said "Mish, what is that?" and I said where.... and he pointed over the side on the ground, and I just gasped. On the ground below was a huge banner that said "Will You Marry Me?"

The whole time he is professing his love to me and telling me how he doesn't want a day to go by with out me being in his life, and a lot of other words that I wasn't hearing because my heart was beating so loud and trying to jump out of my chest. He pulled his hand up and had the most beautiful ring I had ever seen, and was holding it waiting for an answer. All I could think, is omg I want to jump up and down but I can't or I am gonna fall out!!!

So, I said yes and he put the ring on and I really didn't even need the balloon at that point, I could have just floated away in the clouds on my own. Happiest moment of my life thus far ;-}

Click the image to open in full size.
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