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Trish & Travis's Jean Marcus Strole Review!!

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Yeah we know Trish and Travis....how cheesy right? lol


ANYWHO! We wanted to take the time to put together a review for Jean Marcus b/c he TOTALLY deserves it!


First of all, for ladies who are wondering you pronounce his name (sean) Jean. I'm just clarifying this b/c unfortunately people in my party were calling him anything from Jean (like billy jean), Sean, John..and he even got a Steve one time! I'm still so sorry for this.


From the moment Brooke and I met JM I knew he would totally fit right in my crowd and that everyone would feel so comfortable with him. He flew in on Wed. and hung out with us and got to know everyone Wed. night. Thursday morning he got up bright and early to go with the guys for their fishing trip. All of the guys raved about him (yeah..GUYS raving about a photographer) and could not stop talking about all of the pictures he took. They also couldn't stop talking about him puking either..buuuuut! Thursday night he came with us for our rehearsal dinner...he was the only one on time...and was already snapping shots by the time we finally showed up. Throughout dinner he took tons of photos of the family and food. We instantly felt like he was a friend. He even got to witness me almost having a melt down due to a heated debate about the Phillies (my family) and the Red Sox (Trav's family). He gave us song suggestions (which we totally should have used if given the time!)and suggested that we do a First Look before the wedding which we were both so happy to have done! We offered drinks but he didn't want any b/c he wanted to be ready for Friday's events (the wedding). Friday afternoon he met up with me at the hair salon and snapped away nonstop until I was finished....I know he got some awesome black mailing photos in there somewhere during my hair teasing stage!!! He helped me get all of my stuff back to the room (even when his hands were full) and followed me up and down 3 flights of stairs as I frantically tried to find make up and a place to apply since my room was being cleaned and I lost my room key. Thank GOD for him, b/c while everyone was telling me how to apply the different make up I apparently spaced out b/c when it was time I had NO IDEA!! JM is an amazing listener and knew EXACTLY what the girls said so that I could actually put it on correctlyl!!!

If it wasn't for him we might not have had our rings for the ceremony (Check the safe to be safe!) and even hand delivered them to Travis as the ceremony was starting. After the ceremony he made sure our guests got the pictures taken quickly so that we didn't get off task and was SO quick to check for any closed eyes (DOH!) or wierd faces. Throughout the reception he didn't miss A THING!!! If he saw something going on or happening he was there snapping away!! He even got some of the guests to spell out our initials with their bodies...

He stayed with us after the official ceremony and made it to the disco for a bit. He made sure not to stay too late as he knew he had Brooke's wedding the following day.

With some changes to the itinerary we were not able to make it to the ruins the following Sunday and well...we know what happened to our Ruins trip..however he was so accomodating and even though we were flying out Monday..he totally agreed to make a run down there early Monday morning...and even Monday afternoon back at the resort.


Overall...he's just AMAZING LADIES!!! My guests loved him (all of the girls had crushes..haha!) and most importantly Travis and I loved him! He's extremely professional, funny, easy to be around, and extremely extremely talented!!! Although Travis will probably jump on here later to add to this (JM, he totally said he would get on here to write a review for you HIMSELF! That's saying ALOT coming from a Special Ops man!) I wanted to put in a review for him!!!


We have already recommended to about 5 people...2 of whom are not even in relationships and getting married yet..and I KNOW many of my guests have told me they will want his INFO for wedding pics.

He's totally underpriced for the amount of work he puts into making sure your pictures/wedding/etc are perfect!


Sooooo basically...Jean Marcus Strole is the SH*T! If you haven't booked a photographer yet....he's your man!

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I totally agree with every single word Trish has said about Jean-Marcus. He was absolutely amazing!!! AMAZING!! He totally fit in with our group as well, and like Trish said, he was called many different names other than his own and never said anything about it...although I made sure to correct everybody, haha! He was snapping away during every moment from the time I was at the salon, me getting dressed, ceremony, dinner, reception, and until we took over the lobby bar after the ceremony officially ended. I know we had so many amazing pictures and I cannot wait to see them and share with everyone else. It is totally worth bringing in a photographer instead of using the resort one, and I TOTALLY reccommend Jean-Marcus. I actually had guests asking about him and how they could reccommend him (as well as Tammy Host for a TA!).

Ladies, for those of you who have booked him, you will have the most amazing time with him and the most fabulous pictures. For those of you who have not booked photog yet, Jean-Marcus is your man!!!!

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