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Love the background for this pic.  And gorgeous bling :)


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Here's my ring! He proposed in Jamaica... Can't wait for our wedding in Mexixo!


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I think I posted some photos of my rings on a flower somewhere in this thread, I was feeling bored and decided to play around with taking photos of them on my hand.  I have three rings in White and Rose Gold (the two little ones with a little diamond, and the middle one which was my engagement ring).


We got legally married a year before our actual wedding, so I wear one of the rings now (if anyone notices, I just tell them I Get two now because I'm awesome :D ).  They were custom made, so they fit together perfectly, I love them! They need to be sautered (sp?) together to get rid of the spaces that show up while I'm wearing them.


I was also playing around with the photos a bit, as I think the pictures make my small hands looks very sausagey! Lol.








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