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  1. Hi Newloves1975! I was married at SMB on May 12, 2012. We also only had around 10 people attend our wedding. We ended up having a reception at El Patio. We took up the back part of the restaurant. There wasn't a charge for it. We all had a great time. We even cut our wedding cake there after dinner. Cecilia was my wedding coordinator and she showed us our options we had for a reception. It was between El Patio, and Portofino. We also went to the club after dinner, and there were only a few other people at the club. So if felt like our own wedding reception. It was a blast! For those of you that are worried about the response about waiting to plan all the details until you get to the resort, don't be worried. I was just like you, and worried constantly about it. We literally didn't plan all the details until the morning before out wedding. Everything turned out perfect! I wouldn't change anything. I brought with me a picture of the flowers I wanted, and they matched them perfectly. I actually think they turned out better than I wanted. I don't come on this blog to much anymore, so if any of you have questions please message me. I would be happy to help!
  2. I was worried about the heat as well.. We are getting married at 4 pm. I ended up buying fans to place on all of the chairs. They turned out super cute. I ordered them in white, and then decorated them with purple rhinestones and ribbons. They also are engraved with our name and wedding date, so this is like a wedding favor. Here's what I got: http://weddingshop.theknot.com/personalized-silk-fan.aspx If you're thinking about getting them, and you have a while until your wedding then keep an eye on them because they go on sale all the time. I got mine for $1.50 each.
  3. Hi everyone! 15 days till my wedding at SMB! Amber, I'm not sure if Cecilia told you how many songs yet, but she told me: 3 beginning songs song for bridal party song for bride walk song during the ceremony song after the ceremony for the walkout 3 songs for the end I don't know why but I'm having a very hard time picking out songs. I hope this helps!
  4. Thank you so much for posting these links. They are very helpful. I guess I will be listening to a lot of music
  5. I asked Cecilia about the Rose petals, and she mentioned 2 bags for the isle.
  6. I'm so glad I'm not the only one having a hard time with this. I've been thinking about this for months, and now I only have 1 month to figure this out! I'm also looking for more upbeat ceremony songs, and maybe something with a latin beat.
  7. Is anyone else having a hard time choosing songs for the ceremony? I've been searching online for awhile, and still don't know what to do. I never thought this would be a hard decision. What are you all playing? Also, I'm using the sound system, Does anyone know what we need to bring to play the music? Like a cd, ipod or something?
  8. Hi! My travel agent said the resort is really strict about the 18 and up rule. Luckily my sister just turned 18, so she made the cut. I don't know if the resort checks your age when you get there, but my travel agent wouldn't even book a room if someone was under 18 years old.
  9. Hi Amberh1884! I know your message wasn't directed to me, but I booked Juan for my May 12th wedding, and I just contacted him directly. He ended up just sending me the same photography packet that is on SMB website, but he did respond to my questions. We are planning on doing the exact same thing as you. We also got the complimentary package, and are adding some stuff to it. We don't want to pay extra to eat at a restaurant either. I emailed Cecilia about our options and she mentioned that they can reserve any restaurant for us as long as we don't have more than 20 people. And she mentioned that we can reserve an area in the World Cafe if it is open the same night as our wedding. (I guess not all of the restaurants are open every night.) We really don't care about a private dinner either, we just want to be able to all sit by each other. I hope that helped! I'm glad to hear that someone else is doing the same as us
  10. We also decided not to use a DJ, and are just renting the sound system. I really want a mariachi band too, but my fiance doesn't Oh well. I guess I can live without it. I haven't really been planning much either. So far I'm just trying to get all my bridal accessories together. My wedding planner is Cecilia. So far she's been great to work with and has been responding to my questions faster now that it is getting closer to May.
  11. Hi! The photographer that the resort uses is Juan Navarro. Here's his website and some pictures he has taken at SMB. We are using him for our May wedding because we just thought it would be the easiest way to do it. We also like his work. We've contacting him directly a couple times and responded quickly to our questions. I hope this helps! http://www.juanphotos.com/blog/category/maroma-beach/
  12. Hi Michelle! I'm getting married May 12! We will be leaving on your wedding day though. I still can't believe we only have 4 more months! It's going by so fast. When are you arriving at Secrets? We are having the exact same hard decision as you. We originally booked the free wedding package, but now we kind of want all of us to eat dinner together. We also do not want a "reception", just a simple dinner with all 16 of us. I actually just emailed Cecilia about our options. Our original plan was to just have the ceremony, toast and eat cake, take pictures, allow people to eat where ever they want, and then just meet up after dinner at one of the bars or the club. I'm not sure if they can reserve an area at one of the restaurants for all of us to eat together. Does anyone know, or has done this?
  13. Hi Girls! I totally agree with you Nicole! We were thinking about having an at home reception because everyone was pushing us to have one. We are not into those type of weddings either, So we decided to invite everyone to SMB. We have about 16 people coming so far. There are others who still say they might go. But prices keep going up as we get closer to May, so I'm not sure if they will go now. Sillygirl702, We signed up for the free wedding package also because we thought it would only be us two. But now that more people are coming, we are thinking about upgrading to the next package. We really didn't think anyone would go to our wedding at SMB but everyone is really excited about it. You would be surprised how many people would go. I guess it's a good excuse to take a vacation and go to a wedding.
  14. You're Welcome! We're having immediate family and close friends too. I don't think we are going to do the out of town bags. I keep going back and forth on that one though. I did make up a brochure on vistaprint.com that some people are calling a "prewedding packet" on here, and I'm going to send it to everyone who is going a few weeks before we leave. I got most of the my ideas for that on this website. The majority of the people that are going with us has never been on vacation in a different country, or has even been on a plane. So I just explained what to expect, what to bring and pack, what's included in our travel package, and a thank you note. Are you making one? Oh, and i also bought hand fans to place out on the chairs during the ceremony. But so far that is the only think I really have planned
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