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Wedding dress dilemma...I need serious HELP!

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#1 Corvette79

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    Posted 09 September 2008 - 12:24 AM

    Hello Ladies! First of all, thank you to everyone, you have all been so great with ideas and opinions, it really helps. although because of all the DIY ideas the budget has been blown out of the water and i now don't have much time to do anything LOL

    Ok so here is the problem...where do I start?... VERY LONG STORY

    FI and I got engaged 9 1/2 years ago! we were going to get married and I bought this gorgeous dress a size 12 which I love and then we decided to postpone it since we couldnt afford to pay for it ourselves and our parents were not able to pitch in. Fast forward to NOW well, i have put on some weight currently a size 20 so the dress doesnt fit. BUT I am starting the Bernstein Diet in October after we come back from vegas. My MOH and Best Man are on the program, they have been on it for 17 weeks and He has lost 107 lbs and she has lost 65lbs amazing right? so i am doing the program so i can wear the dress i bought years ago which is gorgeous and this way i will look just as good as when we first started going out. BUT 2 weeks ago I felt like trying on dresses for fun and ended up LOVING a new dress...now I am torn. What should I do?

    here is a pic of the new dress I like:
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    what do you think of this dress?

    I don't have a pic of the dress I already have but maybe i will get one up soon. Thanks for the advice.

    #2 dainanewell

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      Posted 09 September 2008 - 02:03 AM

      wow that's a beautiful dress....you really need to do whatever is going to make you happy....you do have a of time to try to lose the weight and then see what looks best then.....goodluck

      #3 ikupoo

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        Posted 09 September 2008 - 02:30 AM

        Wear one for the ceremony and wear another for the reception!!!

        #4 EricaG

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          Posted 09 September 2008 - 02:51 AM

          I would have whichever dress you want. I would tell you to try on the old dress again, but that probably won't give you the same idea as it did years ago. Would you wear 2 dresses? At least if you did get the new dress, then if you didn't manage to get back down to a size 12 again, it wouldn't be that big of a deal!!! Can you afford a new dress?
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          #5 Jen_S

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            Posted 09 September 2008 - 07:59 AM

            Which dress makes you feel better? You could always try and sell the one you had. You have plenty of time I am sure you will loose the weight if want to wear the first one.
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            #6 lmg970

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              Posted 09 September 2008 - 08:17 AM

              that dress is so beautiful, but maybe you could do a ttd with your old one if it fits.

              #7 ToBeMitchell

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                Posted 09 September 2008 - 09:39 AM

                That is such a beautiful dress!! Wear what makes you the most comfortable. It's your day!! Either way- it will be great!! Try not to stress.

                #8 Jenn3878

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                  Posted 09 September 2008 - 10:50 AM

                  I say wear the dress you LOVE. You have waited this long and have your weight loss goals in mind, reward yourself!!
                  I have never heard of the Bernstein Diet? What does it entail? That seems like an amazing loss for your MOH and BM!!

                  #9 *Casey*

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                    Posted 09 September 2008 - 10:56 AM

                    It's all about what makes you feel the most beautiful on your wedding day. You can always sell the old one if you really don't feel any connection to it anymore.

                    #10 ErinB


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                      Posted 09 September 2008 - 10:56 AM

                      From personal experience, I say buy the dress that will fit you now. If something happens and you don't loose the weight, you don't want to get stuck with 2 dresses that won't work and have to scramble at the end.

                      Most places tell you to plan 6 months before the wedding to buy your dress so you can get it in, have alterations done, etc.

                      You might want to check and see if Bonny offers rush delivery and what the charge is.

                      Otherwise, by the end of November early December you should order your dress.

                      Also by that time, you might be able to see how your diet is going and have a better idea of what size to order.

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