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Hi There,


My fiance is Jewish and I am not. We are trying to plan a Jewish wedding ceremony in PDC Mexico and I was wondering how difficult it is to find a Rabbi? We would be getting married on Friday before sundown, but since I am not converting, I am not sure if this will cause a problem finding someone to marry us. Does anyone have any suggestions?



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You do not need to convert to Judaism to be married by a rabbi. If you were getting married in a temple then it might be a problem b/c conservative temples won't let a reformed jew get married there, and orthodox temples don't allow conservative jews, etc. If you are not getting married in a temple then it's usually not a problem. However, I am going to go out on a limb here and say that only a reformed rabbi would probably marry you guys. I don't think a conservative rabbi and def not an orthodox rabbi would marry you if you are not converting. I know that there are rabbis in Mexico city but I'm not sure about other areas in Mexico, since Mexico is predominately a catholic country. Your best bet is to bring someone from home and fly them in. Or else you can go online and hire a rabbi. It really shouldn't be a problem. Then you will just have to get a chuppah (which looks a little bit like an arch) that is made from flowers and you will be all set for your jewish wedding.



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Originally Posted by rob4ever View Post
Thanks for all of the advice! I am going to talk to Rob's sister and another couple who I know that had an inter-faith ceremony. I will let you know when I find out more!
I don't know if you have already worked out the rabbi situation, but I am in the process of tracking one down myself. Like Glenda said, most of the Mexican Jewish Community lives in Mexico city, but one of the WC's I talked to this week gave me a phone number for the Jewish Community Center in Cancun. It's 011 52 998 892 1006. I believe she said the rabbi/cantor is reformed so he may be open to performing an interfaith marriage.

Hope this helps!

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