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  1. I am getting married at the RPRM in February. I went on a site visit last spring so I can send you pix. I posted a ton of info. on the RPRM on the thread where Tammy describes all of the different resorts so you can search for it. Please let me know if you have any questions!
  2. I actually did a site visit with my FI back in April and visited both the Iberostar Lindo & May and all of the Riu Resorts. Although the Iberostar was great, we decided to get married at the Riu Palace Riviera Maya. I just thought the Iberostar was too big. If you have any questions about the Riu though, just let me know!
  3. Congratulations and welcome to the forum! I'm getting married at the Riu Palace Riviera Maya too! Let me know if you have questions~
  4. We are getting married on a Friday as well. We live in Boston and are getting married in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Thursday - Sunday is perfect amount of time and when most of our guests are coming. I'm also excited that we'll have all day Saturday to spend with our guests...and won't have to worry about the wedding since we'll already be married!
  5. We just thought of our signature drink this week! It's going to be called "The Fishbowl" (Fishman is our last name) and it's going to be a blue margarita with Curaçao instead of Triple Sec. I bought Fish Straws and Palm Tree Palm Tree Swizzle Sticks to put in them!
  6. Thanks so much for the info! After seeing the picture of your bag, I ordered them for our wedding and they are awesome! They have our logo and are so cute. The best part...they were super cheap!
  7. We bought them their linen shirts to wear at the wedding and reef leather flip-flops. It's not very exciting, but definitely added up!
  8. We just ordered our invitations! They are boarding passes with a tear-off card for guests to RSVP. They also each come in a vellum pocket that has our logo on it. I received a sample before ordering and love them! Koket Design is the name of the company and the woman I have been working with, Sandy, has been great. Below is the company's webpage: Koket Design They were a bit pricey, but we made our Passport STDs so it was worth it! Sorry for the multiple posts! I don't know how to delete them.
  9. Rob is going to wear a khaki linen suit from JCrew and the GM are going to wear chocolate linen pants from Island Importer. Since the Dad's are going to wear the same pants, we needed something that would fit ALL sizes. Plus, the shirts are going to be un-tucked so no one will see the drawstring. Men's Chocolate Linen Pants � Island Importer
  10. We bought beach towels for our OOT bags from Sears last week. They were $9.99/towel and they are great quality. They all have palm trees on them and I ordered a bunch of different colors so that each guest will get their own towel.
  11. I ordered 70 pairs of flip flops last week from Old Navy for our OOT bags. I ordered different sizes and colors for the ladies and the gents and they were on sale for $2.50/pair. Instead of putting them in their OOT bags when they arrive at the resort, I am going to have them in buckets at our reception. I figure that way, they will serve as a decoration since they are so colorful and also as a gift since we'll have our guests put them on during the reception. Hopefully, that will get everyone out on the dance floor!
  12. We are getting married at the Riu Palace Riviera Maya in February and are expecting @ 70 guests. We picked the Riu because it is big enough to accommodate a large group, but not too big (like the Moon Palace or Iberostars) so we would still be able to find each other and feel like a group. The Riu is also kid friendly which was important to us for families traveling and is also a gorgeous resort. Good luck decided upon a resort!
  13. When we were down in RM for a site visit, there were a bunch of stores that had maracas. Some were better than others, but on average, they were @ $1.00 each. I'm sure if you were buying a bunch, they would give you a discount. We plan on buying them for our guests when we get down there since we don't want to deal with shipping.
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