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  1. And don't forget, the bride's pedicure/manicure is included, and it was the BEST mani/pedi i've ever had and took 2 hours!! And I got the chocolate scrub on my feet and hands.
  2. Can't help you with the temperature because I got married in February. I'd just check the average temperatures at that time of year and go from there.
  3. We didn't have the reception in the banquet hall, but we brought some shells and things to sprinkle on the tables, and then they had candles around the edge of the room, and fruit centerpieces. We could have paid more to upgrade to flower centerpieces but we didn't want to spend the extra money and the fruit center pieces were really nice I thought!
  4. Fantastic, good luck!!! It will be great. The WC I had, was fantastic, and always got back to me pretty quickly, I hope you have the same experience. I was so impressed because when I showed up on my first day a few days before the wedding, I went to meet with her, and she had ALL my emails printed out, with things highlighted, so I know she was paying attention. Also, she was the one the made everything go smoothly in a Mexican resort that was NOT good at organizing for 80 people, haha. She distributed all the OOT bags personally because the receptions messed it up, she organized the mariachis when they didn't show up, and we didn't even know that happened! She sorted out the problems with the hotel dividing our guests into two hotels accidentally, she did it all, so if yours is anything like her, you have NOTHING to worry about. Good luck!
  5. By the way, in case I never said this, fantastic photos Phili Bride!!!!! Looks like a gorgeous wedding.
  6. I'm afraid I didn't use an outside planner, so I am not sure. But I don't think I'd recommend it because they have quite strict policies for the vendors that are not part of the hotel plan, and I don't know how an outside planner would be able to organize the hotel people. Ana did a great job for me of organizing everyone at the hotel.... I didn't have trouble getting in touch with them. Maybe try calling once just to make sure you have the address right? Good luck!
  7. Yup, I can confirm, I had an outside photographer come in and it was absolutely fine, no issues at all.
  8. Another bargaining chip, it's cheaper... You will spend 300? I think dollars on the ceremony in Mexico, PLUS, show him some of the threads on this forum talking about how they spent days at the Mexican consulate after getting back trying to get the paperwork over to prove they are married in America. There are plenty of examples of how annoying this is on this forum!!
  9. For the ceremony, we actually had a friend do it for us, so we didn't have the people that work there do it, so I can't comment. As for the fact that it was a symbolic ceremony, I didn't tell anyone that either, so everyone thought it was the legal wedding, and nobody knew!! And just to reiterate what I said on the other thread, I think you'll be fine with Claudia instead of Ana...
  10. Oh, so, I had Ana, and she was great, but Claudia was there, and a few times I couldn't reach Ana, and that was fine, Claudia was very helpful, so It hink it will be fine!
  11. Fantastic! Looks fabulous, and like you had so much fun, and you look amazing!!!!! I'm so happy for you! Who was your photographer?
  12. Thanks everyone, it was fantastic! My timing was ceremony at 4.30, cocktail hour from 5.00 to 6.30, Reception at 6.30, so it flowed really well! It was fantastic. but, I think just from going to weddings on my own it would be great to have a break in the afternoon. As for the palace vs colonial, I think you'd probably be fine changing. They kept moving us around between them, soI think they're really flexible! Good luck!
  13. Is everyone staying at the Barcelo? If so, I'd say just plan something with your nearest and dearest in the afternoon but basically release everyone after the cocktail hour and return for dinner reception. I think it's too long to have everyone wait around, and since nobody has to go very far and can easily get back to rooms etc, you may as well just break and regroup in the evening, everyone may be glad for the break. Kind of two parties - one with cocktail hour and ceremony, and one with the big dinner and party, with an interval to relax in the middle! Sounds good actually!
  14. Really Those weren't my choices at all!! We ended up with steak and lobster and some vegetarian option, and it was really good. But I didn't see any rabbit or other bunny varieties on my choices!! I can't remember what the options were now but it was nothing like that!!! So, I should think you'll be fine.
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