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OOT bag contents - **Master List of Possible Items**

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Originally Posted by n&n112109 View Post
Hey Ladies!!! I was at my local Dollar Tree today and they have a 4 pack of travel hand sanitizers for $1.00!!!! Just thought I would pass on the good deal!!
Thanks for the heads up!!

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I just had to post here, because I am so happy with what I found today for my OOT bags for my female guests.


I was walking through the Christmas Tree Shop today (FABULOUS store here on the East Coast), and saw that they had baseball hats with what looked like a palm tree on them. Since we are using palm trees as a central theme of our Jamaican wedding, I stopped to look. And to my shock they had the hats in the 2 colors that we are using for the wedding, coral and light blue. Whoo Hoo!!


So I picked up 8 of the hats, 4 coral, 4 blue at a cost of $3.99 each, and then when I went around the corner I saw that they had luggage tags for $1in several different colors, 2 of which were coral and light blue. So I picked up 4 of each color and will print out labels to put on each one to identify the OOT bags.


If there are any brides in the area looking for decorations or items for DIY, I would definitely suggest you check out the Christmas Tree Shop, lots of beach and/or shell items there, and you can't beat the prices.


Attached is a pic of the items, just because I can't help but want to share my one random, perfect score for the bags!


Click the image to open in full size.

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Wow, those are great finds! Perfect! And who would have thought you would find them at the Christmas Tree Shop ~ love that store but only have been in there for holiday themed stuff. Now I know!!! YAY for you!!!

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