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  1. Hi Girls! I was married at sandos June 24th... I have not been back on here since and feel bad because other people on here helped me out so much!!! We got to the resort the day before, met up with Maria, confirmed a few things and she literally did an amazing job and it over exceeded my expectations. I was very very nervous not really having much "control" but it was PERFECT. We had 57 guests, wedding on beach, followed by a DELICIOUS dinner in the italian buffet (our own little section). Then we rented the disco from about 7:30-11. There was no time for appetizers on the beach -- the champagne toast they do was perfect. After toast, my husband and I got our pics taken while guests headed to restaurant and waited for us to eat. (it started raining, so they didn't wait on the beach). Disco - had no idea what to expect, and went with the flow... I was nervous about the DJ and worried that the music would be "loud and mexicany" for our guests - esp. older grandparents, etc... To my shock, music was traditional cheesy wedding music "Sweet Caroline", "We are Family", etc... and Maria even intoduced us and our wedding party as we walked in from outside... she was AWESOME. Oh and we did the flower/garter toss - did not know we were doing that... so all in all I was over-joyed at the success of the day. Also, we used Playa Weddings - AMAZING. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend. Check out my pics. Anything else, please private message me I would be glad to share more details! kdesantis22@yahoo.com http://www1.snapfish.com/snapfish/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=2988673002/a=14989180_14989180/otsc=SHR/otsi=SALBlink/COBRAND_NAME=snapfish/
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Jennybell1 Really Bc that was our plan too for after dinner....do you have any other ideas what you can do after We have some kids so taking them into playa isnt really an option.....ugh! THis is not what I wanted to hear...now what?? ahhh hearing that stinks!!! yes, are there any alternatives? thats been my plan all along less than one month to go!!
  3. girls, i am sooo disappointed!!! i finally got pics of me in my blaire and i can't upload them to the blog! can i email them to someone else and maybe you will have better luck...
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by keilag thank you Bridechilla. I am using Claudia as well. I cant wait to see the professional photos! Keilag - Hope I didn't already ask you this... what dates are you going to be at sandos? We are getting there the 23rd... just wondering if we'll cross paths!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Bride-chill-a Here's an etiquette question I'd like to hear all of your thoughts on: Who should pay for the $77 guest day pass if your guest is staying outside the resort? Do you think the guest should pay or that the bride and groom should? I'm torn! I don't know - I think I would feel like I should pay it... for example, I went to a wedding at the Philadelphia Institute of Art and the bride and groom paid for everyone's parking... I would just hope it is not a lot of guests who would need a pass - but one or two I would try and swing it.
  6. Hey Girls! I emailed Paola some random questions... here are her responses: 1. I have 58 booked guests so far (60 including us)... I would like to have our dinner in the Italian buffet... How will the tables accommodate us - Will we be at one long table? Or a couple round tables? It will be 3 long tables 2. Can I bring some decorations for the restaurant - some table runners? Will I be able to set this up prior to my wedding ceremony? Yes you can bring your decorations, please bring them in our appointment, so we can do this for you. 3. We are planning on renting out the disco after dinner, I read that there is a slideshow available... what kind of format is this? I would like to know how I have to make mine for it to work when I get there. Yes it is a DVD format. 4. As for the DJ at the disco, do I bring a list of songs that I want played during our celebration? Yes you can bring a list of songs or your IPOD with the songs you would like them to play. 5. Since I have such a large number of guests coming, do I have to pay extra for anything (champagne toast, cake)? Yes it is $6 usd extra if you have more than 30 people. 6. We are having a symbolic ceremony... will the person marrying us speak English? Also, If we wanted to do the thing where you pour the sand in a bottle - can we do this? Yes it is an English speaking minister, yes we can include a sand ceremony 7. When do I have to confirm everything to you by... our wedding package, flowers, final head count, etc... We are only able to arrive to the hotel the day before the wedding so I want to make sure I email you ahead of time with all of choices. two weeks prior the ceremony. Ok perfect thank you I will be waiting for your final choices.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by jrprice24 One other thing. We had scheduled our wedding for 4:30 but luckily Paola mentioned that it is almost dark by that time. We decided to switch our ceremony to 4 and we almost could have moved it up to 3:30. Just something to think about. Paola has pics to show of the different ceremony times and the lighting, but it will also depend on what time of year your wedding is. This was something that I hadn't even thought about. Thank you so much for sharing everything!!!!! I can't wait to go through all of your pics! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Anthony Hey ladies, I cannot decide between the Phillipa (ivory over gold) and the Karena Royale (all white). I purchased both (which ever one I don't use, will sell). I want to know your thoughts. I will post pics as soon as I can -- but for now I am a medium-dark black female. Getting married in Riviera Maya in May. Which dress? I'm not a lacey person - but i LOVE the sash on the karena one... i'm sure either will be beautiful!!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by tad515 It's official....we booked July 23, 3010 at the Sandos Playacar!!! Except for the dress and invitations, there's nothing left to do until July. LOL!! I love it!! Hooray!!
  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE these - can someone please email me the template for the stick figures? They are too cute!!! kmartinovich@yahoo.com Thanks!!!!!
  11. I went for the blaire! It is really light and flowy - I can't wait to get it!!!
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