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  1. Hello and congrats on the engagement. What are your other plans as far as food, cake, etc?
  2. Lots of brides use Mandalay Bay's Vista Suite, or the Star dust Suite at the Orleans. They also have food brought in from Masterpiece cuisine or Jason's Deli. Hope that helps...
  3. Hello everyone, I was wondering for our DIY brides, where are you getting your beautiful pictures for your boarding passes and passports? (where are you getting the pics from that are on the templates and or invites? for example, the palm trees, star fish, ect.) thanks in advance.
  4. your invites are awesome!!! will you email me a template? my email is germeseh@yahoo.com, thanks in advance!
  5. my engagement ring on my finger per your request, lol
  6. Hi there! thanks for sharing, I would love to see some pictures my email address is germeseh@yahoo.com, thanks in advance.
  7. Hi ladies, I was wondering if any of you had or know of anyone who has rented a rental property in Vegas to host their wedding/reception in?
  8. Most of them came out good, I probably wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't said that they were DIY! Good job.
  9. hi just contacted them but they don't service the las vegas area
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by elopingbride11 My FI and I just decided that we are going to elope to Vegas sometime next year (2011)!! I'm so excited because neither of us have been to the city but we've joked about getting married there since we met so it seems perfect for us! I am so happy i found this thread! <3 welcome and congrads! what are your plans for your wedding?
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Cptrex Hi there! I am getting married September 8, 2011 in the Juno Garden at Caesars Palace. We looked at Mandalay Bay but the prices seemed to be too expensive for what you get. We have booked the ceremony so far and are researching limos and an in-suite reception. I think we are going to order catering and have a reception in a Vista Suite at Mandalay Bay. If anybody has any great suggestions in regards to catering, limos, etc. please feel free to share! welcome and congrads! I was thinking of marrying there as well, have you seen juno gardens yet? It just opened. which package did you choose and are you staying at caesars palace?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by astreit We'll see if this works. how cute, do you have any left and are they real? also where did you get them from?
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