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Help! Trying to book with Dreams P.V.!

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I am having such troubles getting dates from Dreams PV! We are wanting to get married there 09 of March now,( was February but by the time they got back to me all was booked!), its taking forever to get a response by email.


I have emailed Diana and Gaby and no response in a week. Is this a normal amount of time to wait for a response from a resort? Should I look elsewhere? I dont have alot of time, its only about six months away!


Can anyone suggest an equally nice resort that I can start to look into and maybe get better communication?


What has been your experience with booking with them? I can't seem to figure out how to put a deposit down either once they come back with a date. Forms for Credit cards? How does paying with a cheque work? I'm from Canada btw :)

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Most hotels only have one event coordinator for all of their weddings - which means that their coordinators are overwhelmed with work. The Dreams coordinator is leaving and a new coordinator is taking her place, so I'm pretty sure that they are trying to get up to speed. My recommendation is that you call the resort ....

Dreams: I'm not sure how you call from Canada - if you were calling from the states you would dial:

011-52-322-221-5000. When you get the hotel reception ask for Gabi Rojas or Diana in events.


You might also try the Marriott. The coordinators name is Rosario and her email is: rosario.rubio@marriotthotels.com



Hope that helps! :)

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I don't know if you are opening to using an outside Wedding Coordinator but Kristin from The Dazzling Details does weddings at The DReams Resort. I am having my wedding ceremony there and Kristin is setting everything up. I also tried reaching out to the Dreams and never heard back from them. I decided to go with Dazzling Details and they had a wedding date and time booked in less than a day at the Dreams.


Again it is a good option and may make you feel better about who you are working with.


Dreams Resort really likes to work with Kristin which is a huge plus.


Best of luck

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HI there,

I am a dreams bride myself. I too had the same difficulty trying to get a hold of the coordinator. My TA helped a lot by her persistence in attempts to contact them. I will say Gaby is slow to respond to my emails and I understand that she also works there as a waitress. She is obviously very busy and needs help. After reading this thread I now realize that this Diana person is her replacement? Hopefully she's a bit quicker with her replies. I have read reviews from other Dreams brides that their coordinator was not the best with communication prior to the big event but in the end everything turned out great. I am hoping the same holds true for me or else...girl_werewolf.gif I am just trying to be positive. I woule definitely recommend trying to phone Gabi/Diana.

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Hi! I can totally relate... I was planning a Dreams wedding too, but it stressed me out so much that they were not getting back to me that I switched locations.


If you really love Dreams, I would also suggest hiring an outside WC. I know that hiring a WC to work with a WC is kind of hard to swallow... but trust me, it is sooooo worth it. My WC answers my emails within minutes most of the time, speaks English fluently which is mega helpful to me, and isn't overworked and under paid. If you are planning a simple ceremony/reception and want to save as much money as possible you can probably wait to make most of your plans upon arrival... but you'll have to relax and let go! It WILL turn out beautiful.

But, if you are like me and into the details, an outside WC is the way to go. It is the best money spent so far and am not sorry bc of the peace of mind and no stress!

Hope this reasoning helps. I've been there!

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