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  1. Just browsing this website again for the hell of it, got married at Dreams Nov 2008, looking at your pics brings back memories.
  2. I transported our beach sand from Mexico back without a problem, no one in customs stopped us. Of course I had that baby wrapped as much as possible in bubble wrap. The vase I used was heart shaped and cost a dollar at walmart, came with a cork....can't beat that!!! It was cheap and served its purpose. We added seashells to it that we collected on the beach also.
  3. Hey ladies, I was catching up on this thread as I haven't been on here too much. I thought I would throw my 2 cents in. Just wanted to reassure all you Dreams brides you have nothing to worry about. I was married on Nov. 10th there and everything went great. I was extremely nervous beforehand because of only contacting Diana thru email. I was pleased with her performance when we got there. I had emailed her pics of flowers I was interested in beforehand and she sent it to the florist to see what was in season. It turns out a lot that I had picked was not avail, at that time of the yr. Thank goodness I had picked out multiple bouquets. The one I settled on was not the exact replica of the pic but was gorgeous and HUGE....the flowers looked good as new even days after the wedding. We were married on the gazebo and had our reception at Las Palmas terrace. We rented the sound system and it worked great. We were married legally by the judge and I decided to do a symbolic ceremony also for about 350 $ extra. I was glad we did because the legal ceremony does not cover the traditional vow exchange and blessing of the rings. The legal ceremony involves more paperwork than anything else. The minister who did our symbolic part was great, she picked a nice reading from the bible and did our sand ceremony for us. it worked out well. We even got a printed out copy of the symbolic ceremony from the minister as a keepsake. We got our license in spanish the day of the wedding but had Erica ( the girl who translated for the judge) take it to the "courthouse" to be translated back into English for us. It was delivered back to our hotel in about 3 days. It cost 50 $ to do that. Our cocktail and dinner food was great. The wedding cake was so-so but was included in the wedding package we chose. The bartenders were always looking to get you another drink. They were very friendly. We had the mariachi band for the cocktail hr and it was totally worth it. We also had fireworks, they were great and surprised all of our guests. I think we had them go off after our cake cutting. Our photographer was Juan Carlos Tapia. I thought he was great, we're in the process of waiting for our pics so can't comment on that. I would recommend bringing in an outside photographer. The one provided in the wedding packages is the hotel photoshop. There work is OK but your pics aren't touched up and they are not that creative like the photojournalists. I did not take any decor with me just used what they offered... chair covers and I picked flowers for the centerpieces on the table (part of the wedding package). That was plenty, the beach in itself is the real decor. I gave Diana our guest sign in book, name cards for tables, and wedding flip flops ahead of time and she had them there ready at the reception site. She actually hung around the reception site most of the evening checking in to make sure all was okay. I know she started work our wedding day around 930 and did not leave until at least after 10, she truly is busy. I don't think you will be disappointed with having your wedding at Dreams. I would do it all over again.
  4. I recommend staying from senor frog's and carlos o brien's...the touriust traps. They are overly priced, you pay a cover and then another hefty amount on top of that for a table. Some places have ladies'nights, check it out.
  5. Gosh no wonder you guys are frustrated it sounds like you are getting mixed messages from everyone you've talked to. I recently had a civil wedding in Puerto vallarta Mexico. I faxed my long form birth records and passports to our wedding coordinator. She sent them off to be translated in Mexico. When we arrived in Mexico and went to to get our bloodtests and go to the social services office we needed to have our original records with us also. It all worked out oin the end. Also know that in Mexico you need to be a resident there for so many days before you can legally be wed. It is different in all states of Mexico, for our location it was 3 days. Hope this helps. I was in the same boat as you and it all worked out. We got our license down there in Spanish and even had it translated bak into English while there so we could have it ready when we retuernd to the US. It cosy us 50 dollars for that.
  6. Nitnylyin1

    Newbie PV Bride!!!

    Congrats Kirsty! You've picked a great destination. PV is wonderful and the people are so friendly. I am a Dreams bride but had guests who stayed at Barcello Mismaloya and got to see the place myself for a visit....let me know if you want any details.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by DallasAshli I know there are a lot of October and November brides that are back...give us your insight (or hindsight maybe)! Please! I recently returned from my DW in Puerto vallarta and had a blast here's my list: What I would Do: 1. Have a destination wedding, definitely the best decision, memories I will always remember and good times spent with friends over a number of days instead of one night. 2. Color choice of coral/pink-very beachy 3. The resort-staff at Dreams was excellent, beautiful beach and scenery 4. Photographer, Juan Carlos Tapia-Don't have my pics back but am confident they'll be great, he was very serious about his work, you can tell he takes pride 5. Mariachi band for cocktail hr-it was a surprise and everyone enjoyed 6. Fireworks-again another surprise that was enjoyed by not just the guests but the hotel guests as well 7. My wedding gown- I thought it was beautiful and characteristic of Mexico 8. Not see my husband until the day of the wedding with the walk down the aisle, I got pretty misty eyed 9. Stay at the same resort for the duration of our trip...was nice to not have to pack up and go flying off to somewhere else. 10. Dance lessons for our 1st dance- we learned to salsa, a lot of fun. My DH had 2 left feet before and he has definitely got some rhythm in him now 11. No programs- I thought it was a waste of time/money and I am also lazy. At our rehearsal dinner we introduced the guests/bridal party and how they played a part in out lives, not sure this would work with a big guest list. Also didn't know how the ceremony(legal and symbolic) was going to be carried out so why make a program that may have false info. What I wouldn't do: 1. Have a wedding cake....not many ate it and it was cake but not like "WOW", i.e. not really decorated and basic 3 milks cake, we had to use the chef at the resort as opposed to bring in a vendor, we could have had a dessert served off of a menu that probably would have been better. 2. My hairstyle: I was not that much into it and I should have told the sylist but we were already running behind and I was stressed, just hope it looked better in the pics. 3. My IPOD for reception music: A good idea yes but I should have showed others how to use it before the wedding ,not all were technically inclined and I ended up DJ'ing my music, it didn't help that my MP3 was going wacko, just too stressful but I laughed it off. Maybe using CD's would have been a better alternative. 4. Having a veil, I loved my veil but in pics half the time it was behind me instead of over my shoulders, don't know how noticeable it will be in pics. Probably could have stuck with just a flower in my hair. 5. Worry if everyone's having a good time---I believe everyone did and if they didn 't then they probably are sour pusses and hard to please 6. Stress- no matter what happens it's all about the bride and groom on that day and about starting the rest of your life together with the one you love
  8. Hey there, First off 800 dollars is an excellent price for a vacation and a chance to experience a destination wedding. I just returned from mine in Mexico. My wedding was planned in about 8 months. I had people suggesting the price was too much and they weren't sure they would come. I thought that there wasn't going to be anyone coming so of course I second guessed my decision. We ended up having 14 guests total and I realize that was plenty. We had time to hang out with each and every one of them and do group activities. We also got to spend some time with them after the wedding before hubby and I did our "own" thing. And they all had such a good time. I honestly couldn't imagine having more guests than that, I would have been overwhelmed trying to make time for everyone. I don't regret a thing about having a destination wedding, it was absolutely the best and I planned it in less than a year!!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Sloan Kinda sucks that none of our friends/family (except for immediate family) are going to be there for our wedding, but its about us and not them ( I keep trying to tell myself that... ugh) and we're not having an AHR b/c that defeated the purpose of our no-frills wedding + laziness comes into the picture again, there's no way Im planning or paying for an AHR. I totally hear ya, Thought about an AHR but then it's just more money to shell out and in times like these I need to save. I am also lazy,lol, and tired of planning! Quote: Originally Posted by niels408 The guests that originally RSVP'd for our wedding has dropped down to about half actually going now...our resort is closed (as of now), i feel some animosity from guests going just bc they are having to drop the $ for the trip, which makes me feel horrible! It's tough for everyone & I picked the worst time ever to get married I feel like (due to economy) I feel your pain. My resort has a tower being renovated and of course it's the more expensive one that me and my guests initially booked. Now we are forced to stay in the lower end however having difficulty getting refunded. I recently got mine back but I understand my guests haven't and theirs is not the right amount to begin with! I am so pissed with the resort and my travel agent. I'll be happy when this is all over and I can just be married and move on! Quote: Originally Posted by kate.com I hear you! I am stuck with unpaid rooms and a contract! And now, I am being transferred to North carolina which I will have to do until after the wedding, which I leave for in 90 days so I dont have time to look locally or train for a new position. Luckily, I get to commute for the first 90 days...and I'll deal with the rest after the wedding! Things will always come up, good and bad, regardless of the economy! Hey I live in NC, Raleigh that is. It's a great place, I am a transplant from PA. Asheville is an up and coming area in NC, lots to do! I guess anyone getting married this year or next regardless of destination or traditional is in the same boat. At least we are not alone.
  10. Very nice pics Yari. Is that your daughter or stepdaughter, she's adorable looks so grown up. Your color scheme is awesome and really cool centerpieces!
  11. Nitnylyin1

    Any women's health professionals?

    Hi Shannon, I am Heather, I'm a Physician assistant, though I don't work in Gyn I have worked in family practice. My sister, Shannon coincedentally has also had a lot of gyn issues. First and foremost you didn't mention a pregnancy test and that would be the first thing easiest to check, if + you obviously need to get to your gyn as soon as possible. Second, I would definitely get tested at your doctor's for chlamydia(which causes no symptoms therefore often undiagnosed) and gonorhea, both can be tested via a urine sample nowadays. If you have never had an Ultrasound of your pelvis I would request that be done also. If it has then maybe you need a cat scan of your abd and pelvis given your new symptoms and increased pain. Keep in mind that endometriosis is a diagnosis of exclusion, i.e. rule out all other problems first. Also endometriosis can only truly be diagnosed via a laporotomy(surgery) where they can visualize the abdomen and look for the endometrial tissue. there is no specific "test" to diagnose endo. Is there any family history of Gyn problems, if so make sure you inform your doctor. Also with all your symptoms it sounds like you need to try another BCP as this one doesn't seem to be helping. Also one more thing, I have studied that women with endo. often do get pregnant and during pregnancy their symptoms usually subside. Hope this was helpful. Good luck!
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    PV wedding...just started

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I am a PV bride also!