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  1. Thank you so much for that mini review....it helped me tons. I've also be on an emotional roller coaster about whether I made the right decision for a resort. I'm over it now!!! Haha it is what it is. Great to get your feedback on the whole legal marriage process. We are having a legal marriage, but would like to do the sand ceremony and exchange vows as well. It's nice to know it's possible. Anyone know if you can get Gerber daisy's in Nov?? FYI if you are on a tight budget promovision does photography as well as video. For photography you pay $900 US total. For that you get unlimited photos, no time constraints, they have color/ B&W and can do natural, posed or artistic. You get all the pictures touched up and on a high resolution CD, which you can take home and then print as you wish.
  2. Thanks everyone for all the helpful tips!!!!! We have finally decided on Dreams....it has everything that we are looking for and the price is affordable for our guests!!!! Yahhhoooo!!
  3. Thanks for the reply DB2B...it looks like we are going to go with Dreams for everything. It's the best price wise and has the set up we're looking for. The beach is apparently the nicest one in PV, they are just finishing renovations on one of their towers. Only thing is their pools are a bit small. Oh well. Playa Fiesta is gorgeous but too above our budget and we really wanted an AI resort. Barcelo looks great, but I've given up trying to get a response from them.
  4. I don't know if this is a help to anyone but my destination wedding specialist contacted the VP of sales and marketing for all dreams resorts and apparently there are no current plans to do renovations to Dreams PV in Nov 2009. I know they did some this year and it was an issue.
  5. Hi, Anyone know which day it's held in PV...some sites say Wed some say Friday.
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi Stephanie, Welcome and Congrats!!!
  7. Hi Gail, Congratulations and Welcome!!! I know what you mean. Picking a resort is pretty stressful. There's alot to take into account. It sounds like you're looking at the Mayan riviera I looked at first for that area....there's a ton to choose from. Have you looked at resort reviews on trip advisor That was really helpful for me...there's lots of traveller's photos too and they often have pictures of weddings in them. Good luck!!
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    Hi Claudia! Welcome and congratualtions!!!! My sister got married in Vegas and it was a ton of fun!!!! She got married at the Monte Carlo which was really nice and not as expensive as some of the others. Loved walking down the strip after the wedding as one big group! It was hilarious. Make sure you get pictures at the Bellagio!!!!The fountain at the front is a perfect background!!! Kirsty
  9. Thanks everyone for all the well wishes!!!!
  10. Hi Everyone, My names Kirsty and my fiance Colin and I are in the final stretch of making a decision for our wedding in PV. It's tough....but this site has been sooooo helpful. Thank you to all of you who have posted reviews and opinions. Here's what were deciding between: (want to stay on South side of PV) 1. Dreams PV to stay and have wedding 2. Barcelo de la Jolla Misamloya to stay and have wedding (but I'm having a really hard time finding wedding info or wedding pictures for here to get an idea) Emailed them but they haven't responded. 3.Barcelo to stay and have wedding day at either Playa Fiesta or Le Kliff. Any thoughts Also We did have the thought of having the whole week at playa fiesta, but I'm having a hard time figuring out if that's going to be too expensive for our guests. Especially if everything is not all inclusive. We wanted to keep the cost for our guests at or below $1600 for one week including flight. Anyone have any idea if this is too low for Playa Fiesta Thanks Everyone! Kirsty
  11. Hi Jamie, Congrats! We're both BC chicks!!! I did alot of research on the Riu's in Nuevo and the one you picked looks the best of the 3. I had a friend that got married at the Riu in Cabo and she said it was beautiful. Good Luck with all the final planning and have a great time!! Kirsty
  12. Hi Trisha! Congratulations!!! You and I have been doing exactly the same thing! I've been reading these posts for a few weeks now trying to decide on our wedding in PV for November 2009 as well!!!! We have lots in common. We looked at la caletas as a possibility as well. It's beautiful. Making the decision of where has been a tough one. Maybe we can help each other get through the next year of planning!!!!!!!! Cheers Kirsty
  13. Hi Everyone, My name's Kirsty and I'm getting married approx November 12th 2009 in PV. I've been reading the PV posts on this site and have to thank everyone for all the good tips!!! You've all helped alot! Location is not 100% yet but in final days of decision. It's between Dreams PV for wedding and to stay, or Barcelo de la Jolla Mismaloya. If we stay at Barcelo might have wedding at Le Kliff or Playa fiesta. Mainly due to the fact that I can't find any info or pictures for weddings at Barcelo. I've emailed them but in true Mexico form they're not responding quickly. Any input on Barcelo would be very appreciated!!!! Other than that congrats to all the bride's to be out there!!!!
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