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Dreamdays.com rates not include taxes

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So i just wanted to share about dreamdays.com. people have posted about how low their rates are and when i went to investigate, i found they are not advertised to include taxes so you do not know the rate until you get to the end of booking. the taxes they add are 12%.


here are some rate examples:


Dreams Tulum double occupancy


October 2008:

DD rates $221.75 per night / rate i got clients $218 per night


December 2008 rates:


DD $248.75 per night / rate i gave clients $245 per night


May 2009 rates:

DD rates $239.75 per night / rates i got clients $235 per night


it is not a huge difference but i just wanted to that the rates are not different that what any TA can get. also, if you are working with a TA and find rates that are lower than what you have, ask your TA to try to match it.

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Thanks Tammy.


I just booked with my TA, and afterwards went online to DD. I was astounded by the difference in price, and began to get a little upset. Thank you for affirming my decision to go with a TA.

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Good info...I know that when I was looking around for possible site visits I came across sites with very low rates and then realized toward the end of my clicking that the price is so much different in the end and none of them matched what tammy could get me! Plus you know who to deal with when you get a travel agent!

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