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  1. Ok girls, I am very confused about something. I know we have talked about reception locations and music in the past but I still just don't get it. The wedding guide (2009) says that you don't have to pay the private event fee for the dreams of love or ultimate packages for outside locations. I assumed this included the terrace of el patio, pool side, etc. If you are interested in the terrace of the restaurant and not inside the restaraunt, does the 70% occupancy requirement apply? I asked Anabel about the terrace of el patio and she said that it did which is not what I understood. Furthermore, one of my e-mails that Lizet sent (I think), states that music is only allowed at private events or in the ballroom. So if I have my reception on the terrace or poolside I can't have music without paying $750 for the private event fee? Someone else also mentioned about the speaker. I too was not under the impression that you had to pay $150 for the speaker system for the wedding plus an additional $150 for the reception. It seems to me that Dreams is really trying to "milk" us for our money. $200 is ridiculous for tulle. I mean what the hell? Is this right? Can someone totally clarify this for me please?
  2. Hi Girls!!!! I have been on but haven't posted in a while. Congrats to Lulu! I just found out that I will be having an unexpected guest at the wedding. We just found out we're pregnant, so I guess I will have a (little or mabe rather large) baby bump in my wedding dress!
  3. Congratulations Tracy!! Your pics turned out really well, and makes me feel so much better about using the resort photographer. I don't know if they have the same one all of the time or if there are different ones. Do you remember the guy's name that took your pics?
  4. Amy706, Your pics are awesome!!!! I really felt like I was there just by looking at your pics. You looked beautiful in the non-pro pics, but they just really didn't do any justice to how gorgeous you actually were. It looked like you guys were really having a good time. I can just hope and pray that my day is as special as yours seemed to have been. Ashley
  5. Congratulations Neen! You looked beautiful and I'm very excited everything turned out wonderfully for you. Thank you so much for taking the time out while you are on your honeymoon to give us bits and pieces of your experience. You know we were sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to hear from you. Have a fabulous time, and I can't wait to see more pics.
  6. Thank you ladies. I will definitely try the tissue paper and bubble wrap.
  7. Have a good time Neen!!! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Don't forget about us when you get back. You know how we live to read another review. God Bless!! Ashley
  8. For all of the brides who transported silk bouquets on the plane with them, how did you pack them to keep them from getting smashed? I am taking all of my flowers (bouquets, petals, decorative) with me and I'm really worried about how to pack them. If you have any suggestions on how you transported all of your decorations, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for the form Beth. We're getting down to the wire too!
  10. Congratulations Neen!!!!! I am so excited for you. It seems like it was forever ago when your ticker said 8 months, 6 months, etc. and now you're legally a Mrs. WOW!!!! Is it getting harder to sleep at night because you are so anxious about the upcoming weeks? I can't wait to see your planning thread, your review and pics. I just know everything is going to be awesome. Remember to take some time to yourself in the midst of all the chaos, cherish every single moment. Happy packing! Ashley
  11. Oh My God Laura!!!! That was so wonderful in so many ways that I can't begin to tell you. I felt like I was at the movie theatre watching a real movie!! Congratuluations, and what a blessing to have something so awesome to cherish for the rest of your lives. I can't wait to see more of everything. By the way, love the purple (my favorite color). Did I miss seeing your review somewhere?
  12. Callie, You looked beautiful, and your pics turned out quite well. I was very hesitant about using the resort photographer but I think he did a decent job. I'm sure they have more than one photographer, so do you remember the name of the guy you had?
  13. Girls, I forgot to ask..... Can somebody donate me some points please? I never had that many to begin with and I've practically used them all up. I want to download a couple of templates for programs that I saw or would like to see in the wedding journal thread. Thanks!!!
  14. Beth, Thank you for everything. Hope you are having a good time. Is it just my family, or is anybody else getting flack from their families regarding recent reports of violence in Mexioc, and more recently the Yucatan? My family is really starting to stress me out about this. So much so, they are encouraging us to find a new location. I've put way too much time and effort into this. Besides, at this late a date, what would be available. Does anyone have any information that could help ease my families' minds and mine as well before I pull my hair out?
  15. I am a little preturbed girls!!! I got an e-mail from Natalia answering some questions I had sent Landy like a month ago. Natalia informed me that there will be three weddings on my day. WTF!! I thought there were only 2 weddings per day. Additionally 2 of BMs canceled. One can't even go to the wedding at all any more and another is going but is not going to be able to be in the wedding. On top of that, on of FIs GM canceled too.