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  1. Welcome to the forum Beth & happy planning!!
  2. We didn't find it isolated. Playa del carmen was only about a 40min drive from Dreams and most of the excurtions were anywhere from 10 min to 45 min away. We actually loved that there wasn't a resort on either side of Dreams, made it much more intimate.
  3. Welcome to the forum & happy planning!!
  4. BC Bride2be


    Welcome to the forum Jessica & Andrew!! Happy planning!
  5. Hey ladies.. sorry for the delay.. I have finally finished my review!!
  6. Dreams Tulum (Jan 17-27th ) First off, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all you BDW girls, the information I gathered from this site during the planning process was invaluable – I could not have done it without you!! And a big shout out to all you January brides… thank you for listening, encouraging and comforting me thru it all.. I miss our daily entries!! Flight: Sunwing –F Horrible. Delayed by 4 hours going down with no explanation as to why. And on the way back it took 22 hours from the time we left the resort (should have been max 10 hours), we lande
  7. BC Bride2be

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    Welcome to the forum Lisa & happy planning!!
  8. I agree, paying for one guest and not another is a hard call. It all comes down to the budget - perhaps instead of paying for one full ticket you guys can help out a couple of people (maybe couple hundred each instead of the all $$ for one full ticket). It may not be a lot but to those on a tight budget it could make the difference! When we decided on a DW we knew our immediate family (six of them) would have a really hard time with the cost. So instead of all the extras at the wedding we went for the no frills package so we could pay for them to come; for us that was more important.
  9. Welcome to the forum & happy planning!!
  10. Welcome to the forum & happy planning!!
  11. Welcome to the forum & happy planning!!
  12. Welcome to the forum!! Looking forward to hearing about your trip, have fun!!
  13. Welcome to the forum Nicola & happy planning!!
  14. We didn't use the mariachi band but there was another bride the day before our wedding that used them during her cocktail hour.. they were amazing. The judge we had did not speak eng and Landy translated, not sure you have a choice on this one if you asking the resort to provide the judge. The total cost for the judge was $50US You only need your Passport and tourist card, your bc is not needed. The safes work, no one from our group had problems with them You will need to rent the sound system if your ceremony is on the beach otherwise it will be hard to hear the music/
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