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ME Cancun by Melia Info?

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hey, i think you've chosen another site in cancun, but i just wanted to respond to the thread since the Me by Melia is our top choice so far. We will be finalizing our choice by this May/June because we'd like to get married 7/11/10.

So if there is anyone else considering, we can discuss together!

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I "almost" got married at Me Cancun this past spring. I planned to marry there but then swine flu killed tourism in Cancun and the hotel closed temporarily (days before my wedding)- the rest is a soap opera story (yes...I was already in Cancun). Despite that - I love the hotel - decor, vibe, that it's not all-inclusive, location in Cancun and overall service.


I didn't experience any significant problems with email communication. Great menu options. There are options of indoor and outdoor reception areas. There is a VERY limited beach area and would be extremely difficult for a "sand in your toes beach wedding". There is however a fabulous covered area facing the ocean which shelters you and guests from the sun (bonus).


I may have some pics to share and I'll be sure to post what I have. During the time that ME "closed" they did some updates/renovations so I'm not sure what may have changed.


ME Cancun is an adult only property. There is an adult euro vibe throughout the property all day long - from the aromatherapy to music piped in everywhere, sex and city movie playing by the elevator lobby and the DJ at the pool. Definitely a sexy hotel.


I would strongly suggest a site visit. That confirmed it for me.

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Not sure where the bride is, but there is a member who is getting married there in November and she gave me the wedding coordinators email and she gave me some GREAT info!!




She sent me pictures, food menu and prices, layout types everything. I can definitely say this is probably going to be our place. I was originally dead set on the Hilton but this place looks awesome!! I was there for spa treatment 3 weeks ago and the hotel is gorgeous. Very modern and contemporary, which is perfect for us.


They also have an "after hours" thing available with a DJ and lounge type furniture out by the beach for like 850.


Can someone tell me how to post pics? I can post some that she sent me

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