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    AHR ideas-games, thoughts, etc

    These are such great ideas!!!!
  2. I do know that Del Sol Photography has a wedding on their website. It is very beautiful. I am debating on whether to have my wedding at Le Blanc or Excellence Playa Mujeres. Good Luck everyone!
  3. I also would like to know. I am a African-American woman and I would love to know their quality of work.
  4. Mrs.Parker

    Im a Secrets Wild Orchid B2B!!!!!

    Your wedding will be beautiful! I am considering Wild Orchid or St. James for our wedding. It will be just the 2 of us.
  5. Mrs.Parker

    Saab Photographers

    There work is beautiful! I am considering them highly as my photographer. To be honest the price is not to bad for the quality work you are getting as well as 2 photographers. But that is my opinion.
  6. I am also soooo glad there is a real bride from Le Blanc! Congrats Heidi, your wedding sounded so beautiful. I was looking at having a family resort, but the love of my life and I just had a very in depth talk and decided to have a personal wedding that is all about us. No hassle, no family arguments, no one picking out what "they" want. So we will just have a huge reception when we get home. But thank you again and I will be sending you a friend request on facebook. ________ Royale ___________
  7. Mrs.Parker

    Heeyyyyyy Everybody!!

    I do want to add, that I plan to have the wedding in Cancun, because that is most economical for my family on the east Coast. Im debating between JW Marriot/ Casamagna, Cancun Caribe Park Royal Grand, Gran Melia, or Hyatt. So if you have any advice. Im all ears.
  8. Mrs.Parker

    Heeyyyyyy Everybody!!

    Thank You Tod! Most people think I'm a guy when they see the name.
  9. Mrs.Parker

    ME Cancun by Melia Info?

    Hello! Im seriously considering ME Cancun. As soon as I get more information I will post my information.
  10. Mrs.Parker

    Heeyyyyyy Everybody!!

    Thank you everyone for such the warm response. I am so excited in getting to know everyone.
  11. I forgot to tell you when I pm'ed you that I also started to tear up when I saw the video. I think you have set the bar pretty high (even though we all are not in competition) for all brides on here. You truly need to go into wedding planning.
  12. FABOULOUS is an understatement of how good that video was. You both look so happy. And you looked beautiful.
  13. Mrs.Parker

    Heeyyyyyy Everybody!!

    My name is Royale and my soul mates name is Sheldron. We are planning a destination wedding for July 2010. I do not have any location set in stone yet. I'm very indecisive. But, I do have my dress narrowed down between 2. And the whole feel of how I want the cermony and reception to go. I will be sharing my ideas very soon, hopefully all of us newbies can help each other to plan our dream wedding. Happy planning everyone!