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  1. I'm going the flower too. I think the veil is too formal for the beach. I was thinking a big red flower because my man is Mexican so it would be a little nod to the latin thing
  2. Depending on how immigration papers go (and processing times)....we are HOPING for 11/11/11
  3. I am going to go get it probably on Saturday. It's from Alfred Angelo and it was only $545 with the $100 off
  4. I am looking for the wedding coordinators email at the Cancun Palace. I did a search, but either the posts did have it or it was very old. Anyone have it? Thanks
  5. Well, I finally got the big bill for from our immigration lawyer (my future hubby is a Mexican from/living in Cancun...). It is over $7500 for the immigration proceedings. That is my entire wedding budget and then some All this because he let a visa expire over 6 years ago! AHHHHHHH! So I can forget the 35 person some wedding I was planning, I just can't afford it...plain and simple. We had thought about last December getting married just the two of us, but I chickened out because I didn't want to be there without my loved ones, but it looks like now I don't have a choice. O
  6. Because my future hubby is a Cancun local, so it just seemed like second nature... Besides, who DOESN'T want to get married in paradise!
  7. Ah ok, I will double check but I think that's right too. I've never been married so that's not a problem.
  8. Yes and he actually said we can have a DJ! We just couldn't play until 10 pm, but that's not really a problem. We will make it work haha
  9. I read on a few websites that you have to be divorced a year in order to do a legal ceremony in Mexico. Do you know if that's the case? FI has been split for a long time from his current SO but they aren't legally divorced. He is in the process right now but uncontested divorces in Mexico take awhile (which is why he hasn't done it yet), so it might not be a full year before we tie the knot. Anyone know??
  10. Have you looked at the Palace Resorts Jetsettin Bride? I think I'm leaning towards that route because it is very cost effective. Hoping to stay there in May and FI said the food is really good
  11. It's a nice hotel decor wise, very modern. I didn't like that when I went to check in they basically handed me my keys and were like get out of my face. Usually when I check in places the staff will have a bell boy or clerk take me to the room, or at least show me where the elevator was! I had to wait in another line just for someone to show me where to go, and they just handed me my suitcases for my FI to carry upstairs. So I went on like whatever. The food was my main issue. I was on the EP because I booked a room on Priceline and they treated me like I was the odd one out haha. I went
  12. I am not getting married there, but I just stayed there over New Year's Eve and I was not a huge fan of this resort. They have some definite kinks to work out due to them going from European Plan to All Inclusive. Glad I had a chance to check it out before I planned a wedding there!
  13. I really did not want to have the reception and ceremony all at the resort, so I inquired with this place for their reception information. We would probably do the "Mexican Buffet" with open bar with beer and margaritas. They told me they can't do a DJ unless we have 80 people, but hopefully they may allow us to put music on or something? We probably will have a marachi band to play too. MEXICAN BUFFET SALAD BAR Nopalitos (Cactus) Cucumber Lettuce Carrots Tomato Onion Guacamole Mexican Salsa Fruit Cocktail Dressings: Ranch, Caesar, 1000 Island. HOT ITEMS Mexican Rice
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