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  1. Hey!!! I would love to see your template if you don't mind!!! That time is almost here for you!!!! I'm glad that you are in good contact with Valeria. That makes things so much easier!!!
  2. Lauraandmatt!! Your big day is almost here!!!! I'm soo excited for you......so are you all packed and ready to go? Did you end up shipping at lot of things over there? I am trying to figure out if I want to do an ice sculpture or not....let me know what you think.
  3. Thanks Lauramatt!!! You are great!! I'm trying to figure out what I amn going to plan for all of the guests the day after the wedding....I will keep u guys posted!!
  4. Hey lauraandmatt! The plans are coming together......we are also doing the wedding at 6pm with a cocktail hour outside on the sky terrace and then an indoor reception. I would LOVE to see any pics that may have. We are also going witht eh DJ for the ceremony. I just hope they do a good job with that. Right now we have about 75 people and Valeria is also the coordinator. My email is beebumble27@yahoo.com
  5. They had both but it looks like now they only have the books for dummies on puppy care in the bins. I have not been able to find anymore of the Spanish books. Quote: Originally Posted by bellame00 were they the "daily spanish for dummies" or "spanish phrases for dummies"? i've been searching for the spanish phrases book...
  6. Hey Laura!!! I can't believe your wedding is coming up sooo fast!!!! It will go great!! I woud love to see any new pics you may have or new information. Also........where exactly is the Infiniti area at Beach? Quote: Originally Posted by lauraandmatt Hello- My onsite wedding cord told me that the outside private functions have to be over by 10pm. We are getting married at 6 (sunset wedding) and having our reception start at 8pm with the DJ. If you decide to book at Beach Palace, make sure to reserve the Sky Terrace for your reception. By the time I got around to talking to a wedding cord, the Sky Terrace was already booked. I am having my reception on the Infinity terrace. Just an FYI, it's really hard to get info from Palace Resorts untill just before the wedding. My wedding is two months away and I am just now making arrangments. If you decide on Beach Palace, I will forward you the info that I have. I'm getting married at Beach Palace but staying at Cancun Palace. I have not been to either hotel, but both have gotten great reviews! From the photos that I have seen, there is a small amount of beach in front of the hotel. Because of the hurricanes in the past, most of the hotels do not have beaches anymore. I've heard that Sun Palace has the best beach of the Palace resorts. We bought our week at Cancun Palace on Ebay from a Palace Member. It saved us and our guests a lot of money! I will send you some photos to your email account. Let us know if you have any other questions.... Laura
  7. Hello all. I am looking for something different and came across a company that did silk gowns, shorts, etc. with personalized names or dates on it. JLo had it as well once I believe (saw it on a show). Anyway I can't locate it now. Does anyone have any info. about this?
  8. By the way...sorry I have been MIA...things have been hectic lately!!
  9. Did you try calling them direct in FL?? I don't know but it is worth a try. Quote: Originally Posted by Lindsey Laura, Thanks for the info! If you could send me the website, I would really appreciate it! Thanks for the encouragement, too!!! Still haven't heard back from Beach Palace. They seem to be avoiding my travel agency...hmmm.
  10. That price is not bad. Do you mind passing that info along to me. we have met our contract number but may need more rooms. Quote: Originally Posted by lauraandmatt Lindsey- Have you or your guests checked out buying your vacation from a palace member? We are staying at Cancun Palace and paid $2084 for the week. That also includes a bunch of free stuff. I know that it's the same price at Beach Palace. Those members can also sell nights at Beach Palace for $340 a night with a three night minimum stay. If you want me to forward you the website from the member that we bought from, please let me know. If you have to switch resorts, it will all work out! Your wedding day will be perfect. Regardless of the resort you will be with your husband, family and friends. I like the idea of the fan too.
  11. Don't Panic!! I'm sure it will all work out!! Quote: Originally Posted by Lindsey I think we will probably end up getting the raffia fans in turquoise and printing programs to attach to them on a metallic orange paper. Link for the fans is attached. Colored Medium Palm-leaf Hand Fans / Pack of 10 : Unique Wedding Favors - Wedding Reception Favors - Bridal Shower Favors So~ An update for everyone- maybe a slight kink in the Beach Palace plans! We are struggling with the guest list and may end up changing resorts based on the price. When we booked the group contract, they assured us that we got the cheapest rates that we would be able to find. Unfortunately, this is very far from the truth since we are not able to package the air for our guests. We are finding much cheaper rates through normal travel sites and are in negotiation to cancel our contract and move to a different resort. I am slightly panicked, just because we are in limbo and will not know anything until Monday. If we move, I think it will be to Dreams Cancun, which I am kind of sad about, but it will be close to $1000 cheaper per couple to stay at Dreams!!! I am positive it will work out, but it is just a bit nerve-racking to not know with the wedding being 5 months away!!! I will let everyone know what happens!!!!!
  12. Great ideas!!! I was thinking about doing a message in a bottle but I'm afraid it may not turn out that great to ask the wedding party
  13. Same here we are going for the linen suits as well for the groomsmen. We haven't evn tried to look for that yet. Hey...are you guys planning on doing programs for the actual ceremony? I am but am unsure exactly how I would like to do them. Any ideas?
  14. Thanks everyone!! This has been extremely helpful. Abiie I did go to that site and Ayita I am making pockets for another project!!!
  15. Hello all! The wedding terrace is actually located above the rooftop pools and bar....Lindsey has a great pic of it actually. FYI...Lindsey my colors are like a shimmery mettalic tiffany blue and shimmery burnt orange color!! I made my STD passports using these colors and am going to do the boarding pass myself. i also saved a chunk of money but would have ordered like you did Laura if it were just a few people. The trick is to go with what you love because you will only do this once Invites in STDs alone would have cost thousands if I would have brought them. About the suit rental....good question. We are planning on doing linen suits, but we haven't been ou of actually look for them yet. My FI is a little worried about renting there and having the cut or something fit differently or not the right color. So I'm guessing we will bring from home but you never know. Kindsey do you happen to know anything about this?? It's soooo nice to finally have other brides using this location so we can find out more and more info everyday and share ideas
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by lauraandmatt Hello.. I am still trying to figure out my invitations. I've look at so many invitations and nothing has jumped out at me. I do like the idea of the boarding pass, so I may consider that and be done with it. Are you making your own invites or using a company? Lindsey- When did you get the new price info? We were planning on using the Ipod for music, but decided this weekend that we want the DJ. I don't want to ask anyone to handle the ipod. We are still debating between 2 & 4 hours. With a small group, two hours will probably be enough. Have either of you reserved the sky terrace for the reception? Is dinner served outside or inside one of the resturants? I will probably just do them myself. We are using the sky terrace for the wedding and plan to do cocktail hour on the rooftop following the ceremony and then use the ballroom for the private reception indoors. What are you planning on doing?
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by beebumble27 I emailed as well to see if I would get the same price sheet...which is exactly what they sent. I did send an email for them to clarify package number 4...I think it has one extra 1 listed in te price by mistake. Just want it all corrected and wanted to let you know as well. I forgot to say what this was in reference to....
  18. I emailed as well to see if I would get the same price sheet...which is exactly what they sent. I did send an email for them to clarify package number 4...I think it has one extra 1 listed in te price by mistake. Just want it all corrected and wanted to let you know as well.
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by Helen_S81 If you go right to the top of this page you will see a banner that keeps changing, but it says "Contact a BDW Travel Agent" and the different names of the TA's. If you click on that banner, another window opens and you can then send an email from there. You can select a specific TA. Or you can go to your private messages and send one to TA Melinda. She sent me a PM!! Thanks!!
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