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  1. Hi Sita, Would you mind sending me pictures? My makeup person bailed!
  2. Hi There, Â My makeup artist just bailed on me. My wedding is an Indian wedding with five events from 10/08/10-10/10/10. This is our website: www.amitandmadhu.com. Â Does anyone have any good suggestions? If so, would you mind sending me a link to your pictures? Â Thank you so much! Madhu
  3. Hi All! Just looked at Playa Weddings' website and they look great. Do you know if they offer a discount for BDW brides? Laila
  4. This is one of my top choices. The prices look reasonable but I can't seem to find much information on how weddings have been. Has anyone had any experience with this hotel? Pictures would be very helpful! Thanks!
  5. Thanks Allyson. I will look into the dreams resort as well as Secrets. Right now my top three choices are: 1) Le Meridien 2) Westin Hotel Resort and Spa 3) ME by Melia
  6. Hi All! I'm also considering this hotel, has anyone been married there? I'd love to hear a review. How do you feel the response has been working with the WC?
  7. Hi Rachel, I'm interested in the ME by Melia but for a wedding for 200. I haven't seen many pictures of large weddings, do you happen to have any? Thanks!
  8. Thank you all again! In the past couple of weeks, I have come to a conclusion that Cancun is definitely a more affordable destination than Cabo. The rates in Cabo have been around $200/night at the hotels vs. $150/night in Cancun. Also I've run into an issue with Airlines. Since most of my family is from NY and my FI's is from Houston, Cancun ends up being less travel time. So! It looks like Cancun, now its time to choose the actual hotel..
  9. Everyone is amazing on this forum! Thank you all again Shreets, I'm really excited to have a planning buddy When are you thinking of having your wedding? We are looking at October 2010. My fiance is also Indian so we'll have a ton of people. The reason I chose a destination is because his family is from Houston and mine is from NJ, someone is going to have to fly! I would love to hear your response.
  10. Thank you all!! I'm a little nervous about having an Indian Wedding in Mexico - kind of counter intuitive huh? Well basically I'm vegetarian and most of my family is as well. Does anyone know about good places that would accommodate vegetarians?
  11. Hi All! My name is Madhu, I'm looking at a wedding date of October 2010. I'm also of indian descent and I'm having some trouble finding the right place to accomodate ~200 people. I'd like to have it somewhere in Cabo. If anyone has any tips, let me know! Thanks, Madhu
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