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    welcome and congrats! enjoy the planning process
  2. Hi, I don't know how to post pics, but I will email you some. I think she is great and did great work.
  3. While Ceiba managed to mess up and ruin everything they touched at my wedding, the vendors I used there were great. I used Eufloria for flowers and some other decorations adn was really h appy with them. Very easy to work with and know the property well. I also worked with them to find flowers/decorations that fit into my budget. If I had to do it again, I would use Eufloria (just not get married at Ceiba)
  4. Morgan Lynn Photography photographed my wedding, ttd, and rehearsal dinner. Morgan is amazing and the pictures are fabulous. She and her husband Amir shot all the events. They were so easy to work with and captured every moment. They were on time, got all the shots, and fit in seamlessly to the wedding. Before the wedding, I spoke on the phone with morgan several times. She answered all of my questions and was very professional. She anticipated many of my questions and answered everything. She and Amir were great at the wedding and took the most amazing photographs. I couldn't be more pleased with her work and really enjoyed working with her. If anyone is looking for a photographer, look no further than Morgan Lynn.
  5. Hi, I worked with Morgan Lynn PHotography for my wedding, rehearsal dinner, and trash the dress. She was amazing and the pictures are stunning. She and her husband Amir were great to work with, captured every moment, and produced the most incredible pictures. Check out her work at Morgan Lynn Photography If you have any questions about her I would be happy to answer them- I would use her again in a heartbeat and would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Absolutely amazing.
  6. I think its up to you, but I had one and am glad I did. My husband did not want to spend the money at the time and we debated whether to have a videographer, but now when we watch the video he is happy that we got one. We used Caper productions who can be emailed at videobodascancun@hotmail.com. They were great and very reasonable.
  7. I used Caper Productions-- their websites are Caper Producciones - Professional video services for weddings in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera and Caper Producciones - Professional video services for weddings in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera. The email is videobodascancun@hotmail.com They were great to work with, very responsive, reasonably priced, and produced a great product. I would use them again.
  8. I ran out of time and didn't have a program. No one noticed and I don't regret not havign one.
  9. I would write your thank you notes as you receive your gifts. Doing a ton of thank you notes at once sucks. I would just get some cute simple thank you cards or some plain cards to do them on.
  10. I didnt do a father daughter dance, but my husband did dance with his mother. I think its your wedding and you should do whatever you want to make you happy. If youw ant to do a father daughter dance, make sure to pick a really short slow song. I also think the idea of doing the father/daughter and the mother/son dance at the same time or splitting it up between important male family members in your life is a great idea.
  11. I would definitely send them invites. You are supposed to send an invite to everyone you sent a STD. I had people I knew couldnt come to the wedding, but sent them invitations anyway- I thought it let them know that I still wanted them there.
  12. I think that is a great idea. Sorry to hear about your dad and I hope the surgery goes well.
  13. I iwsh I packed better bug spray, safety pins, and some warmer clothes.
  14. Hi, I noticed Ceiba del Mar is one of the hotels you are considering. DO NOT get married there- I did and regert it. The hotel was a disaster and managed to ruin not only my wedding, but my honeymoon as well (which was supposed to be to a different country). I have posted in other areas a full review. I just wanted to give you a heads up. I wouldnt wish any bride the experience I had.
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