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Newbie Hello - Rabbi / Cantor


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Hi everyone!

As the rules request - I am not a bride, but a wedding officiant, and have found many posts on this site that request information I might be able to provide.


I am a Jewish Cantor/Rabbi who officiates at Jewish & Interfaith weddings - for couples in Florida, and throughout the U.S. I also specialize in Destination Wedding locations, providing religious, and spiritual ceremonies for my clients.


I feel strongly that a couple deserves the ultimate in service from their officiant, and I go above and beyond to make your ceremony a beautiful, personalized, warm and inclusive ceremony that everyone will remember forever.


If I can provide any information or assistance in choosing an officiant for your DW, please do not hesitate to request my info.


I look forward to serving you!

Cantor Debbi Ballard

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Yes, I saw a few, but am hesitant to be too direct - if anyone wants any info in general, or specifically about my DW officiation, I would be happy to answer.


My website is Jewish & Interfaith Wedding Officiant in South Florida 954-646-1326 - Jewish and Interfaith Wedding and Bar Mitzvah officiant in South Florida.

I look forward to sharing info and hearing about other DW locations, so I can be a better advisor to my clients!


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