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    Newbie - Puerto Rico June 2010 wedding!

    Welcome and congrats! Best Wishes, Tod
  2. O'Driscoll Photography

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome and congrats! Best Wishes, Tod
  3. O'Driscoll Photography

    Maui Bride-to-Be

    Welcome and congrats, Jenny! Best wishes, Tod
  4. O'Driscoll Photography

    New to BDW! PV Bride

    Welcome and congrats, Nina! Best wishes, Tod
  5. O'Driscoll Photography

    Dreams Puerto Aventuras wedding May 2010

    Welcome and congrats, Micah! Best wishes, Tod
  6. O'Driscoll Photography


    Welcome and happy planning, Kelly! Best wishes, Tod
  7. O'Driscoll Photography

    Detroit to mexico

    Welcome and congrats! Best wishes, Tod
  8. O'Driscoll Photography

    Destination wedding In Mayan Riviera

    Welcome and congrats! Best wishes, Tod
  9. O'Driscoll Photography

    Newbie- 10.9.10 Riu Palace, Punta Cana DR

    Welcome and congrats, Kim! Best wishes, Tod
  10. O'Driscoll Photography

    New and confused!!

    Welcome and congrats, Amy! Here's a really wonderful venue you should check out: Cuixmala I photographed a wedding there, and it is really a spectacular place. To get a better feel for what a wedding held there would look like, you can check out the Cuixmala gallery of images on my website. If you decide you'd rather have your wedding in a vineyard type setting, you should check out these venues: Mayacamas Ranch, Calistoga, California: Weddings Weddings Sonoma California | Wine Country Weddings | Weddings Wine Country | Sonoma Outdoor Weddings Best wishes, Tod
  11. O'Driscoll Photography

    Valentin Imperial Maya Newbie

    Welcome and congrats, Jenna! Best wishes, Tod
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    :) OCT Bride

    Welcome and congrats, Robyn! Best wishes, Tod
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    Newbie in Cabo

    Welcome and congrats, Margaret! Best wishes, Tod
  14. O'Driscoll Photography


    Welcome and congrats, Shaneka! Best wishes, Tod
  15. O'Driscoll Photography

    Virginia Beach!

    Welcome and congrats, Rhonda! Great choice! My wife is from VA. Beach, and we met while I was living there. Where are you having your ceremony and reception? Best wishes, Tod