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  1. Hi Ladies! I also got married at Le Kliff and there is a different link to some review on it. Here it is: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/54694/le-kliff-location/10#post_1540450 I believe Kball21 and I has discussed Le Kliff in the past. It was an awesome place to get married and I don't regret it at all! In fact, I have wonderful memories and I can thank Carlos for that. He'll include all the basic decor but if you want to punch it ip a little (like I wanted to), I paid extra for the hot pink swagg on the ceremony site, and I hauled some of the linens (like napkisn and fuschia tablecovers) from here in NY. I added some new pixs to give you guys a better idea. Thanks!
  2. Here's some more pics of my wedding at Le Kliff incase some of you were unable to view. I have my pro pixs coming soon so i'll add more then. Thx
  3. My colors were fuschia/ purple/ white and light pink. The colors were awesome together. Photos by Phoebe Joy Photography! Loved her! And I got married at Le Kliff.
  4. Hey Lesley, thank for the well wishes! We were looking for a rehearsal dinner that would be fun and different for all our guests. So we got there a few days early and walked the area to scope out restaurants. Punto V was by the far the coolest restaurant on the strip, with its rockerish decor, good music playing, and drinks. Plus, it also become a club upstairs after a certain hour so we figured we had all the amenities right there. So we approached the manager and he gave us good prices and voila!
  5. I supplied my own song list and the DJ played off of that. Here's some pixs from Le Kliff.
  6. I just got married there this month and I highly recommend it! I was also unsure because of the mixed reviews, I was particularly worried about the food. And it was amazing! Carlos was so awesome and helpful. I bought down all the decor I wanted and tablecloths (to match my colors) and he set everything right up. Teh food was so delicious (we had steak/chicken/fish opetions) and it was yummy. We also had open bar and he arranged for us to have firedancers. We loved it. The only complaint we had was the DJ, he kind of didn't know how to mix the songs well together and he went out of his way to ask us for a tip at the end of the night. Other than that, I loved our wedding at Le Kiff!!!
  7. Hello! I just came back from Puerto Vallarta for my wedding and I went to Franc Gole's salon. I had a hair & makeup trial first since I wasn't sure if I'd like them (600 pesos per hair & m/up) and I liked it. I kept it simpler with romantic waves for my beachside wedding and Franc did a good job. He's a little standoffish but nice and does exactly what you ask him to. I bought a pic from a magazine and he did it exactly. Mario, the makeup guy was extremely nice and very open to suggestions on your makeup ideas. I thought he had put on way too much foundation on me (for my taste) and he had no problem toning it down. Plus, he was very cute! always a bonus. France offered us beverages to drink which was very considerate and nice, and he got to work. The salon is a little small but well kept. The only thing I wouldn't suggest you get done there is a manicure. It came out kind of ugly. But the rest of the experience was great. I paid 800 pesos for day of hair and makeup each. My bridesmaid were 600 pesos each (per service). We all loved the makeup!
  8. Hello Ladies, I just came back from Puerto Vallarta from my destination wedding and I had a blast! We had dinners at several places that I would definitely recommend. If you're looking for down-home cooking, authentic and just a small cozy atmosphere Cesare is a good place. There's nothing fancy about it but the food is good. For our rehearsal dinner, we had it at Punto V in the malecon area, which is the main tourist boardwalk area and Ladies, this was a HOT restaurant. It's grown up sexy, with a funky vibe, red interior and chandeliers to boot. Almost rockstarish. They played awesome 80-90's music during dinner that had us all singing along, and for the guys, there was a huge big screen tv playing sports. It sounds weird but it was a FANTASTIC place to have dinner at, and the food of course was yummy! The guests LOVED the restaurant. Plus when we were done, we were all able to go across the street to the boardwalk beach-area and just chill by the water and take pictures. You also have the option to go to other bars and clubs along that same strip, so I definitely reccommend it. We had about 22 people, who had between 3-4 drinks each--we ordered 4 main group dishes (that serves 5-6 people) that consisted of chicken, steak, seafood, everyone got a plate of rice & salad, we had appetizers, and desert. All for about $680 USD. Alfonso, I believe the guy's name is, was very attentive. Here's the info: puntovta@gmail.com. And finally, I had my wedding at Le Kliff, and it was SPECTACULAR!! It's a gorgeous restaurant on a cliffside in the Mislamoya section. The owner, Carlos Guzman, was amazing to work with--he acted as my wedding coordinator as well. He was super nice and always very responsive on emails. My wedding went off without a hitch and the food was to die for!! We had flank steak with chimichurri sauce and mash, chicken with polente sauce with veggies, and fish served as options and all the plates were delicious!! The open bar flowed and the passion fruit custard was a dream. I couldn't recommend it anymore highly. Google Le Kliff in Puerto Vallarta and you'll find it eassily enough. Hope this helps!
  9. Hello ladies, I just came back from having my wedding in Puerto Vallarta and I wanted to tell you that its completely safe!! I had 26 guests with me and we ALL loved PV. We stayed in a wnderful hotel where we were all pampered and we ventured into old town (malecon area) for dinner several times and to shop for souvenirs and we had no problems. No signs of crime or violence anywhere. In fact, everyone was completely nice to us, and we even had a friend who forgot his wallet in a taxi and theguy actually came back to return it to him! Paradise. I loved it! And my wedding went smoothly. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  10. Thanks so much ladies for the honest and helpful response! This has definitely helped to alleviate any fears my guests had. I didn't think we'd have any problems, but you know that once 1 or 2 people make comments than you need to find out the info and nip it in the bud! I'm so excited to go to PV and can't wait!
  11. Hello! My passport is valid but it expires withing 3 months of the date I'm traveling. I'm going to Meixco in October and my passport expires in January. Does anyone think that will be a problem? I've tried to research it but most sites only state if it expires fairly recently, but 3 months is not too close to the date is it? Thanks for any info or direction you can point me to. gigi
  12. Hello ladies, Just wondering if its safe to travel to PV or other nearby areas? I've been hearing about all the crimes and kidnappings lately and its making me a little nervous. Any recent brides/travelers have any experiences (good/bad) they'd like to share? Has anyone been there recently that can comment? Thanks! gigi
  13. Hi Ladies, I also looked into the $99 linen deal on this site, but as Luciel said, the FI wants to try on suits. So we liked the selection in Banana Republic. They have nice suits. Just a little expensive.
  14. Thanks for the input Ladies, this is SO helpful! Is it much more to get the makeup done by her makeup person? Also, the ladies that have already done the BD shoot. Did you buy the photo book, or made to feel bad if you didn't? I'm assuming its an option? THanks!
  15. Thanks, ladies! I'll definitely check out her site. $400 is definitely doable. Can you ladies check back here and let me know how it went?? I want to see pics! I'm sure you girls are gorgeous!
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