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  1. Hi-- you get all of the options that are listed in the buffet. It is so much food. And we had the BBQ buffet with the Caribbean desserts and it was all SO good
  2. Lilly is absolutely right. Ana made a mess of things and Gaby was left to pick up the pieces and try her best to move it all forward. She really is a delight to work with. I actually grew to like Gaby a lot and cried when saying goodbye to her-- she did a lot for my husband and I. and she was very easy to work with ... Whatever you want, she will make it happen for you. I am a Gaby fan, too! We just all have to keep in mind- she has up to 2 weddings a day sometimes and then on top of that she talks to hundreds of brides daily.. she is very very busy. As for the outside photographer-- if you are bringing one from home, etc and they are staying at the hotel-- that is fine. If they are not staying at the hotel- they have to pay a day pass fee. If they are another photographer from Mexico-- they will not allow that.
  3. hahaha-- you should have came in and joined us!! Another couple did-- they were much older-- and somewhat stalked our group the whole time- haha. So- we said what the hell- come on- they were sweet thanks for the sweet comments. It was so much fun! And yes- that party was hopping- haha-- even my 84 year old Grandma was out there dancing her tail off!! ha! We want to go back as well. We went to Secrets Maroma after and we didnt love it as much as we did Dreams... Dreams was just perfect for us. Maybe we will run into each other next time!!
  4. Hey! We had our reception in El Patio (it started raining - so they moved it there to be safe) and we were SO happy that we had it there in the end. We had 40 people and it was so private and intimate. We partied and danced all night long. It was like our own restaurant, then our own night club. It was so so perfect. I mean yeh-- my starfish namecards did not go that well with the Mexican decor but who cares-- I didn't! They (Gaby and team) transformed the room and got my flowers and seating charts together in no time and had everything set up (food, decor, DJ, etc) perfectly. It was smaller and more intimate than the pool deck, where we would have had random spectators. We would not have had it any other way.
  5. We had a group of 25 and there was plenty of extra room in there... you will be perfect in Portofino!! And the food for our rehearsal dinner was amazing. I selected things that I thought a lot of people would like, so I went with: 1. Insalata di Rucola e Parmigiano 2.Lasagna ai Quattro Formaggi 3. Pollo Ripieno di Spinaci e Mascarpon Everyone loved it. Hope you have a GREAT time
  6. So glad you had a great time! I was hoping that we would run into each other-- as I got married Oct 24..but no such luck... I want to go back and do it all over again. I stressed so so much leading up to it and everything went absolutely perfect. I am at work right now and they don't allow us access to facebook- but I can't wait to see your pics
  7. Thanks! I brought a photographer with me-- however I bought the Ultimate Package, so I still got to use their photographer, too. (adventure photos)-- they sent me home with a video of our wedding and a cd with about 100 pics-- they are good (not as good as my photographer-- but really good none the less) We had just the wedding party come to the rehearsal dinner and they charged $35 per person-- that included a 2 hour private event (they shut down the restaurant for just you and your guests)-- you pick the menu and it includes alcohol as well. I thought it was totally worth it!
  8. Congrats!! I am going to attempt to write a full review-- but I know I am going to leave things out-- so here goes: We were at Dreams from Oct 20- Oct 26. We got married on Oct. 24.... We brought a group of 40 friends and family! We had the Honeymoon Suite booked- but when we got there, they upgraded us to the Master Suite and it was SO nice-- that one was of the best parts Some of our friends were there that day, too- so we immediatly went to the pool and hung out. We met with Gabriela the next morning and it was the most quick and easy meeting ever. (5 minutes top!) I gave her all my wedding favors and accesories (sashes, starfish, cds, sign in book, programs, and etc) and told her how I wanted everything to look and we went over the bill and we were done! The next night we did a Meet and Greet in the Lobby (at the Lobby bar) with all of our guests and had a great time-- then continued on to Desires night club there. They had a pretty good DJ and with a group of 40- you bring your own party- so it doesnt really matter the crowd- b/c there were some funny people there- hahah The following day was our Rehearsal. We did it on the beach at 10am. It took about 10 minutes. And then we were finished and then me and my bridesmaids had a luncheon together at Oceana. That night was our Rehearsal Dinner (7pm) - and we paid for the private event and did it at Portofino-- and it was fantastic!! Up until this point I wasn't over the moon about the food there. I mean don't get me wrong it is good- but all I have read about is HOW GOOD the food is so my expectations were very high- so I thought it was just okay! But the food at our Rehersal Dinner was PERFECT! And the service was so good! We had a great time there. Then, they gave my groom his own room for the night (Gabriela actually set this up earlier in the day- and he checked into his room at 3pm)-- so after the Rehearsal dinner- we all hung out at the Lobby Bar for a couple more hours- and they we went to our own rooms for the night. I had a few girls stay with me Ahhh Wedding Day! I had 4 bridesmaids-- we all went to breakfast, and just hung out in the room- until noon when it was time to go to the spa. (During our luncheon the day prior, the spa manager met up with us to go over times and made sure they all worked with each of us).. So we all 4 went to the spa to get our hair and make up done. We started at 12:15 and we were all finished by 3!! We had mimosas delivered to us there. And then when we got back to the room, we finally had some lunch and more mimosas Then at 4pm- it was wedding time.... a slight rain came through- it lasted about 10 minutes- then blew over and off we went. Gabriela was fantastic during this time. She was up in the room with us- we could see down to the guests- she was communicating with the people down there- and they did not let me stress- I am telling you she is GREAT!! Then just to avoid a later storm in the night- we moved my reception to El Patio-- and it was actually our favorite part!! It allowed our reception to be very private and away from everyone! They still set up inside exactly how I wanted it to look if it were outside. They cahnged it over SO fast and it still started almost on time (just 10 minutes late) -- but all my guests were at the cocktail hour- so they didnt even notice. We used Ivan as well- and he was phenonimal! I gave him a very detailed list of what we wanted played and he played every single song (that I can remember!) And we did a bit of a remix for our 1st dance- and he did it just as I asked. He got all of our Bridal Party introductions right and our other special dances. Our guests were very impressed with him. He came up to me at the end of the night and asked what I wanted for the last song. (we had him for 4 hours) We had the most fun there! The servers were great- they would bring rounds of tequila shots for all. The food was amazing-- we had the BBQ buffett with the Caribbean desserts! I think they assign a server to just the bride and groom, b/c it didnt matter where I was in the room- if I had an almost empty glass of wine- there was Hector filling 'er up After the reception was over- we went to Desires to continue the party. The next morning- we did a farewell brunch in the World Cafe-- and the hostess- moved tables so all 40 of us could sit together. This was the best 6 days of my life-- we went to Secrets Maroma after and had a great time, too-- but it was not as good as Dreams! Dreams was the best!! (the only complaint I have -- and it is a very small one-- is that a couple of bartenders made my guests feel like they were owed a tip by making comments like "I take care of you, now you take care of me."..... and the service was kind of slow for dinner in the restaurants.) But other than that- I cannot wait to go back to Dreams! Have no fears or hesistations-- your wedding will be PERFECT! If you have any questions- please ask-- I had a million before- and people on here helped me so much-- so I would love to now be able to help out!! : )Robyn
  9. Hey Ladies! We got married at Dreams Riviera Cancun on Oct 24th-- and are just having our last night on our honeymoon at Secrets Maroma. I will do a FULL recap when I get home but I had to get on here to tell you a couple quick things.... #1-- GABY IS THE BEST!! I was one of the biggest worriers when I didn't hear back fast and etc...but when your wedding gets close, you will... and when you get there-- OMG-- words just cannot describe how amazing Gaby and her team work for you! She really does work so hard! Some days I see her up and working at 8am and then still going at 11pm that night... and she does everything PERFECT how you want it and is a pleasure to work with. We took a cab back there today to say goodbye to her and give her a gift!! #2-- Dreams is the best place to get married. We took 40 of our closest friends and family and they all had the best time as did we. In fact we are all so so sad that it is over! There is a sense of "home" at Dreams and everyone is so nice and it is smaller and you just get to know everyone... it is perfect! I will do a FULL recap next week-- but rest assured everything at Dreams is phenominal-- you will love it....in fact-- we like it WAY more than we do Secrets Maroma (the beach is better here-- but other than that-- Dreams is hands down better for us).... More to come-- Robyn
  10. Our wedding is at 4... we are getting our hair and makeup done starting at 1 (me and my 4 bridesmaids)-- they assured me that this was enough time. We are getting married at Dreams and then moving to Secrets Maroma as well!!
  11. Hey Ladies-- I just got an email from Gaby-- I hope it is legit.. but lately I question EVERYTHING... have any of you gotten this?? Heard anything of this?? Thanks!! Our corporate office would like to film your wedding for a promotional video for the resort marketing our destination weddings and honeymoons. It is a professional film crew and filming will be very discrete. They would like to do it since you are getting your hair done, getting ready, ceremony, cocktails and dinner, will you be ok with this? We would like to offer you a 3-night return stay for agreeing, please let me know if you agree, so they can start with all the necessary arrangements. Thank you!!
  12. Yeh we are not carrying them on either- she said that has happened with the checked bags?? so weird... I hope they all get there-- its like we pay for this stuff- we want to make sure it gets there! anyways- we are getting there on the 20th. We are having our rehearsal dinner that night at Porto Fino (i think) and then our group will be out and about-- so hopefully we will run into each other
  13. Awesome! Well Gaby told me that she had a couple of brides who packed them and their bags got scanned and they were made to take them out.... that will suck! That is what I am the most worried about. Are you packing everything in one bag or divvying it out among family/friends? I am thinking about splitting it between 3 of us. (like the starfish, welcome bag contents and actual bags, chair sashes, napkins, sand ceremony stuff and etc) What day do you get there again?
  14. Hey Ladies-- I fly out in 2 weeks and Gaby just told me that she has had people have trouble getting starfish there.... we are planning to use them for our escort cards... how have you gotten them there??? We are planning to pack everything and take it BUT should we ship the starfish?!? help! haha - thanks.
  15. Hey! So as long as I pack in my suitcase they will let it go aboard the plane (not carry-on) just a checked bag. What is your best suggestion? Just b/c I have heard stories of them not letting girls do this?? Â