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  1. Hi! We're having our rehearsal dinner at BJs Chicago Pizzaria. We eat there every time we visit Maui and it's such a nice place right on Front Street. They have live music at night so you don't even have to pay for entertainment! I've always found Hula Grill a bit crowded and noisy. The food's alright but I like Leilanis much better for food! Plus they have their upstairs dining area! Oooh, what about Dukes in Lahaina? MMMM, they have seriously nice food! YUM YUM!
  2. I'm glad you have this thread because I read the Hawaii State thingie bob and I could have sworn it said $60 but when I asked my wedding coordinator why she was quoting me $65 she said it had been raised! I thought maybe she was trying to get $5 extra out of me, haha... I know now she's far too honest to do that, but it was our first phone conversation when she told me the license fee so I didn't know I could trust her like I do now!
  3. Hello (or should I say, Aloha!) My name is Jenny. My fiance, Matt, and I are planning our destination wedding for this coming March. We were planning a bigger wedding at home but decided a few weeks ago it would be too expensive and too big for our tastes... so we're escaping to the island we love the most, Maui! We've been visiting Maui for more than 10 years now so we're familiar with it and we feel like it's our second home. Saying that we've never tried to get MARRIED there before so we're lucky to have found this website! We have a coordinator and we have a pretty good idea of what we want but we're happy to find out more and share our experiences with others. Looking forward to meeting all of you! Jenny
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