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  1. you are so welcome! i made sure to ask people to take pics of the different set ups, flowers etc so that I would have them to post for you girls! enjoy your wedding! it's going to be amazing. but it does go very fast!
  2. I've posted my review!!! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/hotel-riu-palace-punta-cana-dominican-republic-all-inclusive-resort/reviews please check it out!! let me know if you have any questions!
  3. congrats! this is the best resource for destination brides. best wishes
  4. Not that i know of...but i will private message you his contacts so you can ask him directly!
  5. I have looked through the FAQ and even contacted Tammy the moderator (have not heard back!) to try and post my review for Riu Palace Punta Cana (as its not listed in the resort section) I have an amazing review with tons of information to share.... but I have no way to post it and truthfully I dont know if i'm even in the right spot!! Can some one give me a hand?
  6. we did a symbolic ceremony and got married here in NYC the day before we left. We didnt make a big deal out of the NYC ceremony, not even dressing up /exchanging rings/vows and treated the Punta Cana ceremony as our actual wedding. We used Pastor Rick York (on other BDW bride's recommendations) He was FANTASTIC!! He does a full english ceremony and his fee is mimmal. if you search him on BDW you will find nothing but amazing reviews! No one was any the wiser that it wasn't a legal ceremony (as he had us sign a marriage certificate during the ceremony) and it left the huge cost and wor
  7. Just had my wedding in PC October 9th.... the weather in general was BEAUTIFUL!! it was like high 80's low 90's. Some days it rained but it was passing rain and only for a few minutes. It actually rained the morning of my wedding all morning! But cleared up well before the ceremony began. I dont think you have anything to worry about!! best wishes!
  8. Maybe your MOH, Mother, Sister-In-Law etc don't need the two checked bags? So I would suggest asking them to check under their name. I put luggage on my registry (and got it!) so we were able to take everything in 4 large checked bags two carry ons 1 garment bags for suits and 1 for my dress =no charge. Now when i tell you everything I brought: 78 OOT bags (packed flat-survival kits & snack bags pre-assembled) 20 candle holders & candles 10-6x8 table numbers in frames 3-5x7 frames for place card table champagne glasses in box cake knives cake
  9. hello all!! congrats to all. like everyone else mentioned-don't worry about the weather. Nothing you can do! it rained all morning in punta cana on 10-9-10 and then the sun came out to make me a wife just 2 hours prior to the ceremony! 110 guests attended and everything was like a dream! everyone told me it goes so fast but I didn't believe it-it truly did! Everything was perfect...and now we're married!!! Best wishes to all remaining October brides!!!
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