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  1. Â Welcome Back Mrs. Lutz!!!!!!! Congrats again and welcome now to the "old brides club" lol!!! Saw a few pics on facebook, of course everything looks beautiful and amazing!! So happy for you!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart You’re welcome! Glad you liked it  How fun!!! I’m going to a meet & greet one day, it’s gonna happen, I’m so down! I almost wore one of DH’s shirts but ended up with his black tie from our engagement shoot, I love those photos! Oh weird, I emailed you right away! Might have gone into your spam, I’m going to PM you with it now! I didn’t do favors persay, from what I kept reading people don’t care about favors really, like trinket like stuff. I did OOT bags and on every place setting in my little birds nest were the 5 light green speckled mint chocolate Jordan almonds in a little organza pouch which is the Italian tradition. So it was something little but not really a favor. The cigars went over bigger than anything so I kinda consider that a favor as well, LOL  Man, I would have LOVE to be a guest at your wedding Amy!!! Im pretty sure you thought of EVERYTHING
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by thefuturemrslutz ok thanks girls!!! I appreciate it! I was trying to think of something to put on their plates. Maybe I will do a little something like that. Lindz, I went to hobby lobby and bought clear containers with Lids and hot glued a hot pink bow(my colors) on it. The container was for each guest to take home sand in. I love going to my friends house and seeing their little sand jar, soo cute
  4. Hey Ladies!!!!! New and us oldies - Meghan, you made such a beautiful bride!!!!!!!! I loved your pics and your colors, sooo cool! Sooo whos up next Lindz whooaaaa 32 days to go mama~!~ I can't wait to see your book and pics!!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by taylorwd AmyKH, I see from your siggy that you have another reception in a couple months?! Wow girl you really know how to get married!!!! As I recall, this one is being throw for you, right? OHH my, thats alot of celebrating, fun stuff, you go girl! My birthday was 2 weeks after my AHR and Omg= I didn't want to celebrate.. I was soooo over celebrating myself lol, and I honestly felt ppl were over me too LOL..
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart Hi ladies! Alright, I successfully got my Vegas Ceremony video onto YouTube! Please let me know if you'd like to see it and don't share it, I put up there for you girls and some friends and family to see, hope you like it! The moment of laughter and ring confusion in the middle is this... BM had both rings, MOH was freaking out because she didn't have ring so when I turned to hand over my flowers, she is laughing and red and pulls off her engagement/wedding band and hands it to me and I'm like what are you doing? She goes "I don't have his ring!!!" Good times LOL, thats awesome Amy I wanna see that!!!!
  7. Hey Ladies< i wanted to check and show my excitment for all the upcoming brides, Its so cool to see so many brides going to Azul Sensatori. We should be getting some sort of offsite wedding coordinator fee, we do a fantastic job of planning and support hehe After reading a few pages, I see a few things have changed. Chong, Im so glad I told you about this blog and that you found your way around on here- isn't it amazing!!! Looks like the gazebo fabric price went up on you, booo!! That totally sux. Sometimes if you write a email asking for them to honor the price you heard it was before their may be somthing they can work out for you. OR maybe even inquire about it with the onsite? Maybe they will atleast give you a resort credit and you can use they credit for a massage or twards wedding day hair style or somthing ;0 Also, I remember trying to order drinks to room service and them saying no only beer, but we found an employee that was super nice and we talked to him about it and he said he would bring up drinks lol we threw $20 to bring 10 margaritas and 10 shots up and he did it :0, again TIPS GO ALOOOOOONG way. Believe me, he came back up a few times for orders lol. Anyways, Im enjoying all your pics and so excited for upcoming brides. Who's next Megan??
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart OMG... I can't believe I actually stressed over the weather at all. I was there for 12 whole days and not ONE drop of rain, not one cloudy day, it was just gorgeous beautiful skies. It was actually more like hot. High 80's for sure. The evenings only cooled down to 70's and were never COLD. I never needed a light cardigan or even a pashmina, I couldn't believe it. The weather right now is to die for, seriously you'll be so pleased! We had our reception at Zocalo al Fresco the covered open air restaurant patio and we were all sweating and hot all night because we were dancing. The whole wedding party even arranged with my photographers to do a group shot of them jumping in the pool afterwards which was hilarious. We even crashed the adult swim up bar for the after party to my wedding... since it was closed we all raided our fridges for the Tecate light they stock it with and hung out there for awhile to cool off, then partied up at the Mojito lounge until 4am. The cigar roller was great. It wasn't a surprise, FI actually insisted we get one I wish it would have been announced or something because he was so quiet and there rolling away and I didn't even know. I actually had to start dragging people over because they didn't notice he was there and people were asking me after he had already left where I got my cigar that I was smoking... the whole thing. They gave me boxes after he left so I just put them on my table and had them go grab whatever they wanted. My bridesmaid Shawna took that and 200 of the pictures that are up on my FB, she's a talented girl who uses a run of the mill camera if you can believe it. I was chatting with Katie on Saturday and she was still in Mexico supposed to leave Sunday. She thought she may have a couple day delay due to London airports being closed but didn't know. She should be back any day now. She told me she had a wonderful wedding as well and I saw a sneak of some of her photos, she looked gorgeous and is completely blissfully a Mrs. Amy, How amazing! Im so happy for you!!! Who was your onsite coordinators? Was the pool warm/cold? (it was freezing when we were there) Was Mojoito bar the only bar/nightlife open while we were there... Thats all that was available while we were there and could never get a strait answer on the other bar being open(the teens club that sopposed to turn into a night club after 10pm, which never did ) wish they could improve on that aspect... I LOVE your pics and esp le blanc-----> how was that resort?
  9. Welcome back Amy!!!!!! Can't wait to hear all about your beautiful wedding!!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by meghan btw, I just saw that someone posted a couple pics of Amy's wedding on facebook! She looks gorgeous and looks like they had a beautiful blue sky! ME TOO, she looked amazing, very cool
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by amandamarieb Seriously? Wow, I've got to take a better look at what they have to offer. The guys were going to purchase but it was about 260 before tax. (That's just the pants, jacket and vest.) Hmm...might have to reconsder renting but the problem is they have to rent for so long since many people are comeing for 4+ days. Did you have to deal with that or did they just charge you $60 flat? Well, actually we had to send some of the guys tuxs back with guest that didn't stay more than 4days. And then they actually fd up the grooms package so we didn't even bother to care when we returned his tux because it was that or them refunding a sh*t load of money for our group. Long story short we got to mexico and it wasn't until a few days after when one of our groomsmen showed up with the grooms pants, WE DIDNT EVEN REALIZE HIS PANTS WEREN"T IN OUR PACKAGE. Thank god they contacted a person in our group that had not yet left for mexico to come pick up the grooms pants and bring them to us
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by amandamarieb I am flying in a friend who is professional photog and shooting for me. I am putting her up for 3 nights and do not have to pay the $500 fee. (It is almost the same because I think the 3 night room rate is like $469 or something like that.) But Tiffany is my WC and she's fine with that. Already marked it on my detail sheet and everything. Sometimes I wonder how much Tiffany and the other much hate this forum. I find out such useful information on it and armed with that info I often go back to her and push the issue. She's got to know I am referring to the girls on this forum when I say I "talked" to other brides and they were approved for XY and Z. Ha. Sometimes I wonder if they come on here and see what we are posting. Ha. I doubt it...too busy with all the weddings I suppose but funny to think about.Oh well. LOL amanda, Tiffany knows all about this forum and comes on it. She's told me personally hahaha.. Iv'e already got married and had her as my wc so I don't care what "i" say, some girls are just more comfortable sending private messages so there's less drama lol...
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by cjb0arder13 Grrr Tiffany is so frustrating. I'd asked her about the policy for non-resort photographers. I'm really interested in Ivan Luckie (love his pictures) but according to Tiffany, we cannot hire a photog from within Mexico, we have to bring one from the states, and they have to stay a minimum of 3 nights. I honestly do not understand their reasoning behind this...it's not in our budget to fly someone out there and pay for their stay PLUS the photography package, and I am really not a fan of the two photographers they use. Ugh! Karisma is kind of on my shi* list right now. UGH, I know excatly what your feeling.., this was totally furstrating for me. I ended up using Caribe photography. They ended up doing a great job, so I do recommend them. however< i will say this, its nothing like claudia and some others that I have seen in comparison. Is there anyone getting married same weekend as you that maybe you can work out a deal with for a good photographer?
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