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Will I ever find a decent photographer in Jamaica within my budget?

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I am starting to get worried that we are not going to find a photographer (and by we I mean me, b/c he could really care less) or that I am going to have to settle for a less than mediocre one. We have a really tight budget, but photography is really important to me. I have found out that there are very few decent photographers in Jamaica (correct me if I am wrong please), and those that seem reputable are outrageous. Am I absolutely crazy to think I can find a decent photog for 3 hours of coverage for a 30 people group for less than $1,000 in Ocho Rios? I have tried Sungold and they are booked, and our next best option is Brian Nejedly whos work is nice but just not my vision. I guess I just need to lower my standards to match our budget sad.gif Any ideashuh.gif Thanks in advance.

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Is there anywhere else you could save some money and go w/out and get a photog? I think that photography is an area that shouldn't have a tight budget at all and should be a place to splurge... its what you get ot keep w/ you forever. I believe that I have one of the cheapest photographers in RM and I'm having photography for 2 hours and ttd session the next day and its about $1200. I think I only got her because my wedding is a whole year away.

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I think it is possible.


You might want to ask other brides in the area who are getting married on the day before or day after to 'share' a photographer.


Alternatively, you may want to ask some traveling wedding photographers if they are booked for your weekend and if they would do it for airfaire, hotel, and a small fee.


Feel free to PM me if you have any other specific questions.

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There are a few more Jamaican photographer suggestions in this thread:



I think that was a good suggestion to see about sharing a photog with another bride who will be there the same week as you..


I attached a price list I got from one JA photographer, and Misha Earle is a Jamaican photographer on this board.



Ryan Lue-Clarke Photography.doc

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I'm using Misha for my TTD session. I'm getting married at Beaches and you are not allowed outside vendors so I am stuck with who they have. We are going to CSA still in Negril and then during our HM part I will be doing my session with Misha. So far she has been super great and I feel confident in her work. Hope this helps.

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