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  1. When i went in 2013 I had the opportunity to visit the presidential suites. I actually have pictures of it. Its huge (like a one bedroom apartmetn) and the Jacuzzi on the balcony is such an added plus. I reached out to event planner and I think he gave me a great price as well. I have all of the stuff. But bringing it back and forth isn't worth it to me.
  2. I heard that they have wifi in the entire hotel now.
  3. @@helenk I know exactly what you mean arms/thigh struggle area. I was even thinking about lipo
  4. @@helenk I agree with you I just want everything to be paid already. I think you look absolutely gorgeous based off your last pic. Dont loose too much weight and look skinny. Thank god my stomach is big my main concern are arms and inner thighs, those bad boys must gooooo. But im signing up for boot camp next month. We can do it. And i also agree about not wanting to pay so much for invites I usually can do them but for me I just can't come up with anything. @@kcole123 I haven't even purchased my dress as of yet so i wouldnt be able to tell you. But my manager got married last year and her seamstress put her on a two week diet for her finaly fitting because she gained weight. So Im going to assume that you can loose the weight @@nadiakat17 Try the jjsmith 10 day smoothie you'll lose the 10lbs you need. I know dieting sucks but the outcomes looks great https://www.jjsmithonline.com/images/Smoothie%20interior%20sample.pdf This worked for me, i hate dieting too but i really had to get determined as the wedding is in 9 more months. @@TinkerSofi https://www.jjsmithonline.com/images/Smoothie%20interior%20sample.pdf @@kcole123 I will be definitely look at this. I need 40 more lbs.
  5. @@helenk I have been going up and down for a while but i finally broke my plateau so im so happy. Currently 227. Invites are my because frustration. I can't find anything that I like. I want to do the ticket/boarding pass buyt i cant find a background that I like. I have paid deposits on everything so that's out of the way (ie photo/videographer makeuparties deposit on package)
  6. @@helenk, you look amazing. I currently need to loose about 40 more lbs. I have been doing the 10 day JJ smith smoothie. Im on days 8 and have lost 10 pounds. How is all the planning going.
  7. @@budgetbride2015. Just ask him. He was the first agent to tell me about it. And i think its on the bottom of your quotes.
  8. @budgetbride2015 Here's his info: Email: mark@dreamerstravel.com 410-239-9424 410-374-640 www.dreaerstravel.com
  9. @@budgetbride2015 not a problem hun. We're all here for the same reasons. Good Luck, if he doesn't respond he will def respond on Monday.
  10. @@budgetbride2015 @@helenk I ended up changing TA because the deposit amount was lower. With my other TA i needed $1000.00 deposit. Each TA is different, some require $150.00 deposit per person. Thank God, my guest only has to pay $50.00 per person. I like working with him better because his son was married there so he know's all about Iberostar. He's very efficient and responds immediately. You can tell which agents have connections with the hotel. I have spokent to at least 5 TAs and emailed at least 10. The $500 deposit locks in the room rates for all 10 rooms but is applied to my room. ***And make sure you guys know that if you get 20 rooms booked your room is free. (At least to at a certain point, it depends on the average length that the guest stay.)
  11. actually my deposit to block 10 rooms is only $500.00 His name is Makr Henningan.. mark@dreamerstravel.com @@budgetbride2015 @@helenk
  12. ROSE HALL SUITES: Room Category Occupancy Number of Standard Single 3 $792.00 3 Nights Price Per Person Double 3 $564.00 Triple 3 $519.00 Quad 3 $495.00 Children 3-12 3 $147.00 Children 0-2 3 $20.00 Room Category Occupancy Number of Standard Single 4 $1,056.00 4 Nights Price Per Person Double 4 $752.00 Triple 4 $692.00 Quad 4 $660.00 Children 3-12 4 $196.00 Children 0-2 4 $20.00 Room Category Occupancy Number of Standard Single 5 $1,320.00 5 Nights Price Per Person Double 5 $940.00 Triple 5 $865.00 Quad 5 $825.00 Children 3-12 5 $245.00 Children 0-2 5 $20.00 Room Category Occupancy Number of Standard Single 6 $1,584.00 6 Nights Price Per Person Double 6 $1,128.00Triple 6 $1,038.00 Quad 6 $990.00 Children 3-12 6 $294.00 Children 0-2 6 $20.00 Room Category Occupancy Number of Standard Single 7 $1,848.00 7 Nights Price Per Person Double 7 $1,316.00 Triple 7 $1,211.00 Quad 7 $1,155.00 Children 3-12 7 $343.00 Children 0-2 7 $20.00
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