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  1. nice! have fun in akumal, one of my favorite locations!! be sure to snorkel at the lagoon. where are you getting married? at the ecological center?
  2. michael saab is a good friend and a great guy, based in mo-bay but i think he is a bit more than $1000, but maybe not. jay
  3. less expensive to hire a US photographer!? I would not think so, but then again, a bunch of people above me in this thread will do it for travel only! so i would hire them!! jay
  4. if your asking how to choose a photographer, then maybe the images are not that hi of a priority and what it all comes down to is expectations. does not matter if you pay $500 or $15000 for wedding photography, the only thing that matters is that your happy with your images and your expectations have been met. i would hope that both happiness and met expectations are found somewhere before $15000. ;-)
  5. hmmm...4 weeks. that is a long time. honestly, i want to shoot, edit, process and try to deliver before i shoot another one!! once they start piling up, your in trouble.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by lyrebard But Jay, I'm curious: I could pick out just about every location you shot, except for one. Where is that wall of candles?! ha, good question. the location of the ceremony was the ecologial centre in AKUMAL, which is anyone knows about it, it is less than pretty...i think "ghetto" actually came from the brides decription ;-) this is the stone wall in the centre which is not much to look at, but they put this wall of candles in jsut for the wedding, maade all the differnce in the room remember its not what you have to work with, its what you do with it! the location looked authentically stunning whenj it was done with the design work. this location is not typically used for weddings, but after they see these images, i think they will change their mind ;-0 i hope. Talk to Jen at Turtle Bay and ask about it, tell her I sent ya! Jay
  7. thanks guys! it was a fun wedding, i am jelous of everyone packing right now to heading to the beach for their wedding, or better yet, as a guest! jay
  8. ha! you guys are barking up the wrong tree. i am broke! Someone hire Nic or Leigh so they can pay me to second shoot for them!! ;-)
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by jean-marcus you can give the camera to a monkey and they can get some great shots to put up on a website dude, you figured out my business model! nic!! that is very funny. How did you ever sit though that you tube doing screen catures of images of me that are less than flatering...i concede to your dedication! well done! you would kick my butt anyway! but leigh would stick up for me! Jay
  10. there is not a wedding i go to that i dont here horror stories about how bad wedding photogs are...are there that many bad ones out there;-) or are we all that bad? ;-) i hope not.
  11. yeah, that was me in the hat my nana made me for christmas! ;-) i am a bit of a camera hog, what can i say, i like getting my photo taken almost as much as i lik eto take them. but not nearly as much as our neighbors jennifer and jim, the crazy couple...
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