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Found my BM dresses :)

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So my girls and I decided to go shopping now (even though my wedding isn't until June of 09) because everyone is starting to switch over to the fall designs and summer dresses are on sale (plus, it is tax free weekend!). So we went to a few stores and found some cute dresses, but then we went in Dillards and found the jackpot. We found 5 different designs of dresses that were in the right size and right amount for my 4 girls. They tried them all on and unanimously decided on these.


Click the image to open in full size.


I think they look great on them and they were on sale for a great price. They were originally $69 and were on sale for $46, plus no sales tax...so I ended up buying them for the girls and paid $185 for all 4 of them!! I am so excited to have this off the list :)


Does anyone know a great place to buy appliques? This dress has a beaded applique, but in dark blue and brown and another shade of blue...it will be fine, but I was thinking of replacing it with a beaded applique with maybe lime green and pink (something to tie it in with tropical flowers, etc..) Any advice? Here is a closer picture of the applique...it is about 3" tall and 2.5" wide.


Click the image to open in full size.


Yikes! That picture is huge, but I don't know how to fix it...sorry!

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Originally Posted by FLgator View Post
Those are so cute! I plan on getting my BM's dresses off the rack as well, I will have to run to Dillards this week. I would leave the applique as is, I really like it!

What brand are the dresses?
Thank you! The brand is "B. Darlin"
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