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It's official! Grand Palladium Lucea...

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... is where we are going to be married on December 15th of this year!!! I decided AGAINST getting married on my birthday in the end... wink.gif


I hope to God that everything goes well - and will keep telling myself that they'll have all the kinks of being a new resort, ironed out by then!


It does look beautiful~ And Matt and I are booked in a romance suite for the week! We're hoping guests will come in from Saturday through Wednesday...


Finally! I have flip-flopped back & forth, it's been bloody ridiculous... But the deposit has been paid and there's no going back!


I was a little confused. Grand Palladium and GP Lady Hamilton are the same resort, with Lady Hamilton being one side of it (the side that we shall be staying) Just and fyi...


I have wedding package info if anyone needs it!

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Check it all out, Petals! Location for the nuptuals... I've seen the gazebo and don't know what other options there are!


Would love if you could check out the beach restaurant "Poseidon," as this is where the reception has to be, I believe. The package covers 8 people and it's $50 a head for everyone else after that! So I'd really like to know what the quality of the food is like - and how the decor looks!


I'm sure I'll think of some more favours before you leave!



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