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Hello Everyone!


My name is Rachel and I am getting married April 18, 2009. (I almost feel like I'm introducing myself at an AA meeting or something)


We decided on Jamaica right away, and picked Negril as the area that sounded most like our ideal destination. We will be staying at the Negril Escape Resort and Spa with 40-50 family and friends. Our travel agent is Debbie Chapman out of Indianapolis. Our photographer is Stacey Clarke (Stacey Clarke Photography) based out of Negril. We have reserved the penthouse apartment at the Blue Cave Castle for 4 nights, and 2 nights at Taino Cove on Treasure Beach for our honeymoon.


I found this forum when I was searching for things for our OOT bags. This is an awesome resource! I'm sure I will be trolling the boards for the next 8 months, picking your brains and searching for advice and tips. Thank you all in advance!

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