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  1. WOW!!! Those are amazing pictures!!! You guys looked so beautiful! Congrats!
  2. Hi Cher! Welcome to the forum. I'm from Vegas too! Yes, it is stressful to plan a destination wedding and chose a location. I think you just have to ask yourself and FI what you folks are looking for in a resort. Read through other girls reviews, those are really helpful. Well good luck, i'm sure you'll find a place that you fall in love with
  3. I'm thinkin' the Palms is a big party place, lots of clubs and the pool is hip. Also Venetian, the Mirage or Ceasers Palace is close to shopping. No matter where you decide, the room rates should be pretty good since the hotels are hurting with the economy being so bad. You girls will have a blast where ever you go!!!
  4. Awww, so cute ) Thanks for the picture!!! Can't wait to watch it!
  5. misohapi


    Yay!!! I love Ikea! Have fun!
  6. I love you oot bags! You covered everything and got such a great deal! Good job )
  7. i think they're pretty, especially with the matching napkin holder )
  8. Those are soooo beautiful!! Wowweee!! You guys look amazing. I loved all of the colors. Great photographer!!
  9. Wow!! Good job hubby!! That's so awesome!! I can't wait to tune in )
  10. Great job Alyssa!! Your wedding is going to be AMAZING!!! You should be so proud of yourself!!! YAY!
  11. That was a great review! I'm glad things went pretty smooth and everyone will have a few bumps here and there and thank goodness you experienced little ones. I'm a Couples Negril bride myself and I was happy to hear a review from a Couples bride. Thanks for your detailed report!! Yay on your new lives together as husband and wife!!!
  12. Your dress fits you beautifully! I love those shoes too!!
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