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    Belize Weddings Gone Smoothly

    I just got back from my weddingmoon in Belize and I find it odd that only a few places get mentioned - like the Victoria house. We stayed further South in Hopkins, Belize at Almond Beach / Jaguar Reef and it was breathtakingly beautiful. While we were there we saw them handle a large wedding and they did a beautiful job of our tiny wedding with just the two of us. Everyone there is able to meet your every need. Yes, I'm raving about the place because I had a fantastic experience with the resort & the people there. The owner is a very friendly person too. I just loved it there! You get to use both resorts since they are sister properties. Check it out; it's a very good deal and you get a lot for your money. Any questions or if you want to see my pictures; cherri702@yahoo.com
  2. CherBear

    Beach wedding location

    I just got back from my weddingmoon in Belize and we totally loved it. We went to Almond Beach / Jaguar Reef and they were wonderful! It was not crowded, the rooms, service, food, daily adventures, value for your money, and wedding ceremony was absolutely wonderful. If anyone is interested in seeing my pictures (wedding photographer was included in the ceremony) please email me at cherri702@yahoo.com. I'd be happy to relay my experience with you.
  3. CherBear

    Getting Married in Belize in May

    I am also getting married in Belize. We'll be at the Almond Beach resort in Stann Creek. So far, the staff has been very nice and they answer my emails within minutes (now I'm the one holding things up lol).
  4. I wish I could see these pictures. I am seriously planning to go to Belize and I would love to see how these pic turned out. I put in the album passcode tk2008 and it says it's an invalid code. DARN
  5. your slide show made me tear up! I must tell you that I have looked at a lot of reviews on here and yours is tops! That slide show was so cool and everyone looked like they had a blast. The music was perfect - and you two take great pictues! I don't even know you but I can tell you have a great sense of humor and a lot of love! I just wanted to share my thoughts with you - because watching this just made my day somehow. Thanks for sharing your special day!
  6. Thank you Jenn! I'm so glad you shared those pics of the rest of the dress. That brings the whole idea together better.
  7. yeah - I think Shania is OUT. Dress #2 WINS!
  8. I found some very cute accessories - they may look washed out on film though. I am still finding my "style" - but it's sooo fun! I really like the idea of a cord to bind our marriage / love. Very vintage headpiece - wonder how that would smoosh my hair? very different bouquet - This would be good for a Florida wedding - in the Gulf Coast with the sugar sand beaches! Oh - and the foot adornments! Can't for get that!
  9. Thanks for popping in to take a peek at some of my wedding dress ideas. I think this style is beautiful, but the picture does not show the rest of the dress. Is there a train? No matter - it's classic beauty! I LOVE this one! I am tall (5'10") so this would really play up my height. I don't plan on wearing shoes anyway. I want to go barefoot during the ceremony to keep grounded in nature. Okay, now I'm going to play off of Shania Twain's style as featured in her music video "for always and for ever." I ADORE the off white / sand colors she has. Not tooo big on the crochet; but it does add texture which is awesome. Not so good for "trash the dress". But who cares - she does a version of trash the dress in the video. Check it out if you go to YouTube sometime. I will keep adding to this post as I gather ideas. Please leave your feedback - I sure would appreciate it!
  10. Yes, the ladies here are right; it's YOUR day. While your Mom is right about keeping the expenses down and spulging on the honeymoon - it's your memories and you don't have to feel guilty about your choices. You will make the right decisions!
  11. CherBear

    Another Newbie Here!

    Hello Cindy - Welcome to the site. You are going to get lots of good info here. I'm new too and I love reading all the posts - every one is so helpful here. enjoy!
  12. You are spot on with your reply. And I really appreciate all the different ideas - especially how to address the reception. I have to say that it's nice to have so much freedom to do what ever we darn well please! Thanks for you comments!
  13. Very nice! You are glowing already!
  14. please visit VEGAS.COM the other sites are good, but this is the one I highly recommend!
  15. CherBear

    Creepy noob :)

    Welcome to the forum - there is lots to read up on here - enjoy!