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  1. I thought it was fantastic! It is a huge ship and has lots to offer! It is very clean and in good shape considering it is 8 years old!The lunch was delicious. The cabins are nice....we decided on a junior suite just to have more room for all of the stuff we will be bringing with us to Bermuda. We checked out all of the bars and found our two favorites....his is the 19th hole! lol Portofino, the restaurant that charges $20 per person, does not accept reservations until 2 months before your sailing date. You can reserve the entire restaurant for 100 people at a cost of $2000. We decided not to have dinner there with our guests. Instead, we are going to buy wine for their tables at dinner. Right now we have 21 cabins booked! I am even more excited about sailing away to Bermuda to get married!
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    Welcome and happy planning!
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    Hi Cattie! We are sailing to Bermuda in June and my TA told me we can book at the restaurant because we were thinking of treating our guests to a goodbye dinner the night before we arrive home. I will call and ask him about it tomorrow. Also, are you getting points to use on the cruise for extras for your guests? I think he had told me 4-6 points if we booked in May. Since we are doing June, we only get 2 points. Points = shipboard credits for guests, a 2 hour cocktail party etc. I would inquire when you speak to RC again. Will let you know what I find out from him. How many guests are you having?
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    Welcome and happy planning! The hardest part and most stressful is picking the resort but once that is done, the real fun begins!
  5. Welcome and happy planning!
  6. Welcome and happy planning!
  7. Welcome and happy planning!
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