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  1. Finally had my hair trial and as promised here are some pics for my fellow short hair brides! Here is a sample or two but feel free to look at the whole set. I have my wedding hair with veil and my TTD hair with my hair flower.
  2. I am not using him since we are doing a destination wedding, but the local photog I fell in love with was Jay Philbrick. His portfolio is amazing. New Hampshire Wedding Photographers, Philbrick Photography, wedding and portrait photography in New Hampshire and he offers BD photo shoots as well.
  3. Try Wedding Clipart, Wedding Programs, Wedding Invitations, DIY Weddings - WeddingDNA.com you can search through the stuff for free and can get 2 free downloads w/ registration.
  4. Mgm has been great as well. We are using one of the chapels. If you browse through the webcast weddings I think there is a terraza wedding on one of the weekends in june you could watch if you want to see one. Good luck and either way you won't go wrong, ceasers is gorgeous!
  5. We paid about 700/night at the mgm for a terrace suite, though that is ab out as cheap as it will get. If you are getting married at mgm you get a chapel discount on rooms. I just kept checking the reservations site for them to open booking (they won't book more than 11 months out tops on the big suites) We did end up picking outside catering from masterpiece cuisine, sooo much cheaper and my contact assured me they have had no issues bringing food in, the hotels try to discourage it because they want your money. We also plan to buy our alcohol at the liquor store to save money
  6. I am doing the pedis with the girls once we get to Vegas, going w/ a wine color to go with the color in my dress. Fingers I am sticking w/ my pink & white acrylics I started having done last month. I wanted to give them a trial run and I was so tired of having jacked up fingernails from having thin nails combined with working with animals
  7. No real feedback on the Mirage, we somehow missed going in on our scouting trip in Feb; but it is on our list of places to check out at our Oct. wedding this year. I plan on taking tons of photos and will be putting (or rather making the hubby do it) them up on our site, I will be sure to link the album when I get back and write a review
  8. Paying for parking would be a very nice gesture, I am sure you can find some other ways to cut a few corners and make up for the parking cost.
  9. Inked1

    Pet rules

    These are great, I have the rule posted in our break area at work. Though it really should add it's socially acceptable to lock your 4 footed kids in the basement when they misbehave, not so much the 2 footed ones !
  10. If you really get stuck finding the right color candy, you can pick up some colored jars/holders at least that would carry the theme if a favorite candy selection isn't available in the wedding colors. I highly recommend Jelly Belly beans and jolly ranchers though, they have the right colors and are usually a crowd pleaser
  11. No actual experience there but they really don't cater to brides with smaller budgets, every time I see a bride on the show with a budget less than 2000 the first "challenge" the consultant brings up is actually finding a dress in the store for much less than that. I feel like I see brides blowing their budget on that show a lot because they were allowed to try on things they couldn't afford. That being said if you have the budget for a dress from Kleinfeld, I can't imagine another store to top the selection available there.
  12. Home Depot does offer registry but in store only, and it can only be accessed at your local store so all in all it is pretty useless. We registered @ Target and are using word of mouth to let people know Home Depot gift cards would be a great idea as we want to redo our kitchen.
  13. I think a wedding with just the two of you will be such a beautiful and meaningful thing, it's what fits for you so by far the best choice!
  14. Congrats! ((is it sad the only reason I know where Zihuatanejo is located is because of Shawshank Redemption....it's where Andy Dufrane runs to after he breaks out))
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