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Aloha All!

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Aloha Destination Wedding ladies!


My name is Jenny, and I'm new to the site. I'm starting the process of planning a wedding in Hawaii for December 31, 2009. I've always love the idea of getting married on New Year's Eve and having an amazing celebration to follow with all of my friends dressed like super stars. :)


I am completely new to the site and I've had some trouble navigating. If anyone would like to be so kind as to donate some points, that would really help! I keep clicking around to see what other ladies have done, and I'm not having much luck seeing anything with zero points. huh02.gif Thanks in advance for your help!!! cheer2.gif


Also, and suggestions of where to start would be greatly appreciated!!!



Jenny & Kev



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Hi Jenny and Welcome to the forum!


you don't have 0 points - you currently have over 200 points?


you will earn points by posting, reading and being an active member -we really discourage new members from soliciting for point donations b/c it erodes the entire points system - which is meant to make members active and contributing. Also, it is only 50 points to open a document.


Please take the time to browse through this forum Bugs, issues or "how to" navigate forum questions.

you will find a ton of helpful threads that will assist you in navigating the forum.


Don't hesitate to PM me with any questions and good luck!




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Welcome to the forum, Jenny.


I think she may have been looking at the "BANK" - easy mistake to make. No harm done. Keep on a posting & reading and you'll have tons of points in no time.



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Welcome to the site! I would donate points, but I don't really have any...yours will definitely build up before you know it though! Where in Hawaii are you all planning on having the wedding?

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