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  1. omg, ideas like that will make for super fun wedding pics. i love the 2nd one!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by CaliaA07 Actually I think they did. I remember Holly saying in an interview that he never had sex without her. Like if he wanted to do someone else she had to be there. So if he wanted to do Kendra Holly was there too. And I remember I can't remember who's interview not one of the girls...that each girl had to take a shower before sex with hef. And it had to be approved by one of the GF's. Like she had to make sure she did it right. And then for being in his bed they got a special pair of jammies afterward. I can't remember what interview I saw that though. yeah, i guess its just hard to believe that any girl could be so desperate to be famous...its really quite sad.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by O'Driscoll Photography I don't like the posed shots, but as somebody else mentioned, there is a way to do them so they look more natural rather than posed. I shoot with a documentary/pj style, but I don't think I've ever had a client that didn't want any family portraits. If you limit it to just a few groupings, you can get it done very quickly so you don't take time away from capturing the real moments, which to me is really what it's all about! Tod i agree! you can see whos there and what everyone looks like in the photojournalism part of it all but with REAL emotion and fun interactions of everyone. a ton of posed group shots only take away from the little time you have to enjoy your guests and someone usually ends up with closed eyes from blinking or not lookin so hot because they dont like to pose for pics and a wedding day doesnt offer much time to spend taking so many pics until everyone looks cute in at least one pic. i hope that made sense without being rude. i understand some group shots are a must for the most part, but ive gotten quite the list from a few clients, whew! and because of it, their romantic pictures of the two of them were cut short! isnt that what you want to focus on and frame most? since i do have to do them in one way or another, i try to make it fun by having the group be walking and looking at eachother or something, which tends to make them laugh...or if they are posed standing in a group, sometimes i tell them to look at eachother like the brady bunch which makes for cute natural profiles and faces. whatever the case though, to do them REALLY well, it takes a lot of time. for instance my family portrait sessions outside of a wedding day, take 2 hours for one immediate family...but im REALLY into getting things right and people looking good. another example, sports illistrated shoots last all day or days and they only get one cover shot...and they are super models:) not sure if that was a good example, but i hope that helps:) and oh yeah! definately have someone be in charge of rounding people up...someone that knows faces and names. i never hold the list, im too busy capturing real moments and setting up all the people into a good enough looking group for the shot.
  4. yeah, he was more of a sugar daddy/grandpa with a trophy collection...theres no way they all did him, i sure hope not!
  5. welcome to the forum, happy planning!!
  6. hi:) welcome to the forum!!
  7. welcome to the forum:) happy planning!!
  8. all my girls have not and a lot of the girls that come for boudoir pics do themselves up! you get all messed up anyway for TTD, maybe wear waterproof makeup though:)
  9. that dress is adorable!! it would be a cute actual wedding dress too.
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