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    How early is too early..

    I would say that it is never too early to start planning! I got engaged almost 2 years before we were going to get married, but I didn't start planning until about a year out (I didn't want to plan everything, then have to sit around counting down the days). I have about 15 days to go until the wedding (10 days until we leave), and I am scrambling on the small details. I also have a planner, so I would start asap!
  2. The Rinns

    Oahu Videographers

    We're using Hawaiian Eye Weddings...we haven't gotten married yet, but they have been wonderful so far. And very reasonable! They will also have our DVD edited and ready to go for us by the time we leave for another island (in a little over a day!)
  3. The Rinns

    JW Marriott Ihilani Resort and Spa at Ko Olina, Kapolei

    I loved this resort. We actually almost had our wedding at Lanikuhonua and stayed at Ihilani, but because it was so far away from Waikiki area, we decided against it (traffic is horrible also). Its a very quite area though, which is nice. The resort has one reasonable restaurant, but Ko Olina has several reasonable restaurants as well. Its a great place to be as long as you aren't looking to go to the Waikiki/Downtown Honolulu area.
  4. The Rinns

    inexpensive florist?

    We are getting married in Honolulu in July and we are using Tod with Always Flowers (Home). He is so creative and he is honest - which is sometimes hard to find in a wedding florist. Also, he doesn't ask you for a budget. He takes your ideas and then creates table settings in several different price ranges for you to choose from. I searched for a good florist, and he had the best reviews. Good luck!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by sally Reading this I feel so far behind!! I haven't even booked the resort yet!! Am I leaving this too late?? We are off to the resort at the end of September to make sure it will be righ for what we want. I've only just started to look at dresses online an havent been to any boutiques to try them on. We don't even know who will be coming?? Am I the most unorganised DW bride ever?? Help Don't worry at all - You have plenty of time!! I am just trying to get ahead of the game...my FI and I will be moving the same month we get married, but we don't know where to (his job moves him around). Because of this, I want to get the wedding stuff out of the way asap, so that when we figure out where we are moving, I will be able to focus on getting a job & getting all of the stuff together. With a DW, there isn't as much planning involved either, so you will definitely be okay.
  6. Thank you so much for your advice, milejilo. I hope that mine can turn out even half as good as yours! And believe me, I will definitely be letting you know if I have anymore questions!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by ckitagawa why not! its your wedding! but there is a company Blue Moon that we ordered our invitations from. they are on the expensive side but I am sure you can mimic it. It is shaped into boarding passes but a bookstyle of 3-5 pages including invite, itinerary, story of us, and rsvp. its actually cuter than a passport. you can do the passport for a program? I have seen beautiful passports as well but I think boarding passes were a hit with my friends. We used baggage tags fro our STD. Do you have any pictures of your invitaitons? I have never seen these, so I would love to check them out. It sounds like a great idea though. Thank you for the advice!
  8. Milejilo, I'm sorry for posting twice, but like I said before I absolutely love these invites! I will be working on mine within the next few weeks, so I just wanted to ask you a few questions. First, I know that you said it in your original post, but did you get the paper you used for the actual rolled up invites at Kraftoutlet.com or at Kate's? Second, what font did you use for the writing on the invitation (this really makes it look professional!)? And last, are there any tips that you can give me? Such as anything that you learned the hard way or anything to avoid? Any help would be very much appreciated...I feel like I have two full time jobs with both my regular job and this wedding planning, so any time saving info is incredibly helpful! Thanks!
  9. Thank you for all the advice! Alyssa, I absolutely love your passport invite booklets! My plan was to do both the boarding passes and the passport invite booklets as well...I saw some in a magazine a while back & I fell in love. I agree, if I am sticking to the travel theme, then people most likely won't question the whole passport to Hawaii thing. Thanks again!
  10. These invitations look amazing! I can't believe you did them yourself - I would have guessed it was a professional designer!
  11. I absolutely love the idea of the passport invitations, but I am getting married in Hawaii. I wanted them to say something on the front like "Passport to Paradise." Is it stupid if I have passport invitations even though it isn't necessary to have a passport to get to Hawaii? I didn't want people getting confused...believe it or not, I have been asked by some guests if they need to get a passport for our wedding.
  12. The Rinns

    Newbie Mom of Groom-to-be!

    Welcome to the forum! Your son and your future daughter-in-law are so lucky to have someone so on top of everything!
  13. Carly - I know that you posted this a long time ago, but I had one question about your invitation jackets. I found the envelopes, but from what I understand, you folded paper to create the jackets. Is this correct? I have looked all over the paperpresentation.com website, and I cannot seem to find those jackets anywhere. I'm sorry for asking such a stupid question.. I just loved your invitations & I want to copy them! Thank you in advance!
  14. You look like a princess - such a beautiful dress!
  15. I like #2. Its so flattering on you!!