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Troubling sister in-law...


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So when i called my brother and his wife to be (now wife) to announce our engagement...my sister in law asked where we were planning on getting married. I had told her Hawaii but we were going to leave any planning until after their wedding and didn't want to steal any sunshine from their big day. (it was just WAY to hard to have my ring sitting there not on my finger and to wait until they were married 4 months later! haha)


So when i said it was looking like Mayish of 2010 she said to me, and i quote,


"oh well i don't know if i'll be able to make it...I may be pregnant." So I'm mad, this is about me for one phone call not about you planning on being pregnant in two years!!!!!


anyways, thats my rant and I told her specifically we were focussing on their wedding and mine can wait!!



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uh-oh, it's starting already?! whatever, call your brother and tell him the same thing. mention casually that his wife isn't planning on attending b/c she'll be pregnant. pretend to be the nice guy and tell him it's important to you that he's there, but accidents happen and if they can't plan around your wedding they way you planned around his, you'll understand.

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Oh ya I agree, i'm trying to ignore it...but it just kinda hurt seeming how I was a bridesmaid for her...I actually met up with my brother that night and told him and he said its her problem and if she thinks he won't come to his sisters wedding she has another thing coming...oh i know I have plenty of time...still hurt a bit though!!


Yup, thats why eloping is sounding more appealing Alyssa! haha I'm not one for drama! haha

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